Osmanabad 2014

Sholapur – Osmanabad 2014

Pastor Daniel Godotti invited me to minister at his church in Osmanabad from the 17th to the 19th of May, 2014. 

Pastor Godotti resides in Pune, Maharashtra with his wife and sons Jeffrey and Jonathan. The work in Osmanabad began as a burden of the spirit, with Pastor Godotti labouring to share the Word with a stiff and unresponsive people, until he met Bro. Sonamve whose whole family committed themselves to the Lord. The church slowly began to grow until there were in the first year, a crop of some 32 souls baptized and obedient to the heavenly vision.

Pastor Godotti now leads a congregation of around 35 people in the village of Salgara in the Osmanabad district on the border of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. The area is an arid wilderness with sparse vegetation and the occasional shrub. Not much is done for the people in terms of good roads and water supply. 

However in this cracked and barren land God has kept his living stream in the church as a testimony to its inhabitants of the grace of God.

The family in whose home the service is being conducted had to undergo enormous opposition and ostracism from the neighbouring Hindus for their conversion to Christianity. For a while their milk and spice grinding business suffered immensely, but the Lord has taken everything into his hands now, and has blessed them with enough. Bro. and Sis. Sonamve along with their 7 daughters were an extremely hospitable and soul-searching group.

We reached Sholapur at 6:00 am on the 17th. Pastor Godotti put me and my wife up in a lodge at Tuljapur

The service began at 2:00 pm in the home of Bro. Sonamve, 55 kms from Sholapur town, and went on till 6:00 pm, after which we were served dinner, and then travelled back to our lodgings.

The message preached was 'The symbols of the Holy Spirit' and ‘The Mystery of the Godhead’ with texts from Acts 1: 6-11 and Isaiah 9:6.

In the middle of the service the tin roof covering the small square where the believers were gathered, rattled with what seemed to sound like a shower of hail. Bro. Godotti told me that a few local troublemakers in the area had thrown big rocks over the wall assuming there was no roof for the square. In the infinite wisdom of God, Bro. Sonamwe had been inspired only a week before to arrange for a roof to cover the area. If it had not been for the roof, the rocks thrown with such force would surely have caused damage to the many seated inside, especially the little children who were seated along the front, and of course Bro. Godotti and myself. We thanked God that he saw fit to protect us from such agents of Satan that day. Those who attacked the gathering took flight soon after the assault and could not be traced, even though a few brothers went out to face them.

On the second day we were audience to the lilting voices of the little ones in the church as they sang and recited melodies learned in Sunday school.

My message on the 18th covered the fall of Lucifer, the significance of the 4 blood moons in our age, the move of the pale horse of revelation, and a short relation of the lives of prominent men of God down through the ages.

Pastor Godotti interpreted the messages in Marathi.

His sons Jeffrey and Jonathan led lively and spirit-filled worship sessions. One thing I deeply appreciate in the Osmanabad congregation is their ability to leave inhibitions at the door, and really worship the Lord in spirit, with singing, dancing, and that living flame that makes a believer’s toes move in harmony to the praise they offer their God.

The enthusiastic response at which the messages were grasped and enjoyed, encouraged me abundantly.


The church is mostly made up of a youth crowd, and many of the young brothers and sisters came forward to share their testimonies and experiences in the faith after the service was over.

All from the youngest to those ripe in age witnessed to being richly blessed.


On the 19th, Pastor Godotti had arranged for a small cottage meeting at the home of Bro. Vijay, who works as a driver, and supports Pastor Godotti in the work of the Lord. Bro. Vijay is a convert from Hinduism and shared how his sister was delivered from evil spirits once he embraced Christianity. He lives in a village called Murum with his wife, children, sister, and mother.

At their home, I spoke about sanctification, separation from the world, and dedicating ourselves to do the will of God.

Bro. Vijay, Bro. Deepak, and Bro. Lazarus were so kind as to drive us as far as Bijapur, almost 150 kms from Osmanabad, so that we could board a night sleeper bus to Bangalore for our connecting trip to Coimbatore.

I thank the Lord for Bro. Godotti and earnestly pray that the work in Osmanabad flourishes as the days draw near for the coming of the Lord.

There are many youngsters filled with desire to work for the Lord in the church. May the Lord pour out His anointing fire upon them so that they may go forth and proclaim the riches of His Name, and the coming judgement for those who choose to remain in ignorance of the times we are living in.

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