Baptism Services

Baptism is not just going into the water a dry sinner and coming out a wet one. It is a purposeful commitment to a life of faith in Christ, a surrender to the will of God, and an acceptance of the power of the Holy Spirit.

We usually conduct our baptism services in Ambarampalayam, Pollachi, near Coimbatore within a sprawling coconut farm alongside the river. However, this is quite a chore to arrange, as we have to make a day of traveling to and from Pollachi either by bus or vehicle.

We owe thanks to Bro. Anthony Swami who has courteously offered us the use of the baptismal tank at his farm 'Elim Prayer Garden'. 

Bro. Anthony is a convert from Catholicism, and his vision is to develop his land to accommodate a Convention/ Retreat Center for Christian gatherings complete with all modern amenities including a conference hall with the latest equipment.

Following are a few photos of baptisms past and present:-

CONOOR Baptism Service 2008

Baptism of Bro. John


Baptism of Sis. Tina

Bro. Ravindraraj baptizes Sis. Angel

GOBI Baptism Service 2009

Baptism of Sis. Saranya
Baptism of Sis. Saranya's mother

COIMBATORE Baptism Service 2009

Baptism of Bro. Srinivas

Baptism of Sis. Ruth's mother

KOTHAGIRI Baptism Service 2009

Baptism of Bro. John and his wife

TRICHY Baptism Service 2010

Baptism of Bro. Sundar and his wife Sis. Amudha

Baptism of Bro. Ponnaiyan


Baptism of Sis, Mary

POLLACHI Baptism Service: RLM Juniors 2010/11

RLM Junior Lizzy J. A.
RLM Junior Rosie
RLM Junior Anand
RLM Junior Prem

BAPTISMS: 2012/ 13/ 14

At Ambarampalayam, Pollachi

Baptism of Bro. Silambarasan

At Trichy

 Baptism of Bro.Prasad

 Baptism of Sis. Nithya

Baptism Service for Bro. Prasad's mother

At Elim Prayer Garden, Chettipalayam, Coimbatore

(Names witheld on request)

Pre-Baptism Worship

Baptism of Bro. Alexander

Baptism of Bro. Raju

Baptism of Bro. Felix

Baptism of RLM Junior Jennifer

Baptism of Sis. Krithika

Baptism of Sis. Megha

Baptism of Bro. Raison

Baptism of Sis. Sumathi

Baptism of Bro. Rajan

 Baptism of Sis. Rachel

 Baptism of Sis. Prasanna

Pre Baptism Worship
Baptism of Sis. Madhama

Baptism of Bro. Jacob

Baptism of Sis. Lata


Baptism of Bro. Daniel Jebasingh

Pre Baptism Service



Baptism of Bro. Anthony

Baptism of Sis. Femila

Baptism of Sis. Mala (Rachel)

Baptism of Sis. Sara

Baptism of RLM Junior Arun (Timothy)


Baptism of Bro. Gray Bharathi


Baptism of Bro. Sis. Mary

Baptism of Bro. Fiston Mark

Baptism of Sis. Angela

Baptism of Bro. Claude

Baptism of Sis. Esther Jayamani

Baptism of Bro. Paulraj


Baptism of Sis. Bella


Baptism of Sis. Paul Raj

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