Bijapur 2015

December 2015

Pastor Daniel Godetti, who had invited me to Solapur and Osmanabad on the 3rd and 4th of December, 2015, to minister to the folks there in the past, invited me to Bijapur, Karnataka, to preach among the tribespeople there who had converted to Christianity.

The believers there had arranged 2 days of meetings in their newly constructed prayer premises.

There were around  50  people in attendance including a few brothers from Solapur.

My message for the congregation there, those two days, was on the Power from on High, and how we had to look for a deeper spiritual experience to be in touch with the Saviour's will, to be open to His mind, and to understand how he wants us to live each day. I touched on how the apostles lived and ministered, the testimonies of the early church, the power manifested in the early days through the apostle's ministry, how the Lord vindicated their work through mighty signs and wonders, and how those days will come back to the church in double measure before the coming of the Lord.


All who came testified to being greatly blessed.

These areas of the country abound in scoffers, and people who love to tear down the work of the Lord by word or deed.

Since their conversion, the little congregation here were often met with the usual sneers and jibes by the surrounding populace. 

It was a few months after I preached there that Pastor Godetti called me up with some marvelous news. A sister had been healed of cancer in the congregation, and the folks in her home had arranged for a thanksgiving prayer in the church for the purpose. News had spread of the healing and a few Hindu neighbours who had always been railing at and mocking the church goers, happened to be sitting outside on their verandah to cool off, owing to the oppressing heat in the area on that thanksgiving service evening.

Two of them claimed to have seen two huge men in white, holding swords and standing guard on either side of the church building. This had such a profound impact on the men, following the news regarding the sister's healing, that they both came to the church and reported the matter to Pastor Godetti, who joyfully explained to them that they might just have had a glimpse of the Lord's angels.

They welcomed the men into the church, and they have become regular attendees since that day. Not just that, but the same mouths which had opened against the Lord's people in blasphemy, now spoke of the miraculous vision they had seen, testifying to how God was in that place. And this helped to draw many more of the villagers to the church.

All glory to God who vindicates His Word. Truly the days of the apostles will come back again. There will be no weapon formed against His Bride Saints that shall prosper or slow down their fiery pace.

Do uphold Pastor Godetti's work in your prayers.

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