Punjab - Delhi April 2013

The Great Punjab Meetings

3rd to 8th April, 2013

During the Pune-Mumbai meetings, Pastor Shekhar David invited me to accompany him to minister in Punjab and New Delhi, North India. I left Coimbatore on the 31st of March. Pastor Shekhar joined me on 1st April in Mumbai where we boarded the Paschim Express to Punjab.

The welcome we received in Punjab was immensely warm. The believers there are a credit to their forefathers in faith who have laboured hard in the land of Punjab sowing the seed of the Word of God many years ago. The fruit of those labours are there for all to see today in the fertile hearts, the godly smiles, and spiritual hunger of the people we met.

Punjab - Stretch of farmland
Meeting Venue in Amritsar

Pastor Gulzar Masih of Amritsar welcomed us into his home as family and put us at ease.

With Pastor. Gulzar Masih

We had meetings from April 3rd to 5th in Tarpai, Amritsar. We ministered to a mixed congregation of independents and denominationals. Pastor Shekar and I preached at alternate services. My subject was : 'Wolves in Sheep's clothing - false prophets and preachers'. An average of 2,000 people attended.


After the third meeting we traveled from Amritsar to a gathering in Ludhiana where we ministered alternatively on the 6th and 7th of April, to around 1,000 souls. The messages centered around the 10 virgins and the prophetic signs of the day.


Pastor Shekhar also received a call to minister at a small village called Bagwanpur near the Pakistani border on April 8th where the Word was well received.

                                          LOC at the Indo-Pak border

My messages were interpreted by Pastor Nirmal Makhu in Punjabi for the lay people.

In attendance were ministers Gulzar Nasrke and Bashir Dhariwal from Gudraspur, Bro. George from Amritsar, Pastors Simon and Patras from Ferozpur, Pastor Victor Gill from Ludhiana, Pastor Samuel from Lodhinangal, Pastor Surinder from Birbalpur, and Pastors Didar Singh Byas, Buta Singh Baba, Karma, and Rafik Dera Baba Nank.


All those who attended were touched. The messages preached were a source of joy and strength to all those growing in the faith.

In a world of half empty pews and shrinking congregations, it was a real joy to preach to the flooding multitudes in Punjab, to watch the avid faces frown in concentration grasping this and that revelation, the smiles of joy while receiving the Lord’s pearls of wisdom.


It was also a real treat to listen to the Punjabi melodies and kawalis during praise and worship. The songs they sing have a distinct ‘Northy’ feel and are a tribute to the boldness and ‘big - heartedness’ of the Punjabi way of life.


The Punjabis like their potato J. And besides the open hearted admiration of the little children, the solemn respect of their elders, and the overwhelming love and good fellowship, we also received an abundance of potato, parathas, and countless cups of jaggery tea.

The well tried mode of transport in rural Punjab seems to be customized carts spruced up with Kirloskar pump motors – a novel ride for me across the bumpy Northern terrain.


Pastor Shekhar and I took some time out for quiet walks in between meetings. There in the middle of the gleaming fields of wheat dancing in the dawn light, we remembered the words of the Lord, “Say not ye, there are yet four months, and then cometh harvest?  Behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.” (John 4:35)


The meetings in Punjab were a joy to attend and the love of the people not soon forgotten. What we see in Punjab is a testimony to the simplicity of the people’s faith in accepting the deep and massive Truth of the Word.

New Delhi Meetings

9th and 10th April, 2013

After Punjab, Pastor Shekhar and I traveled by train to our nation’s capital New Delhi. We reached on the morning of 9th April, and were received by Pastor Samuel MacDonald who pastors a small congregation there. His family saw to our needs and the time we spent in the church there, although brief, was filled with lighthearted moments and the harmony of good fellowship.


The meetings in Delhi were held in the evening on the 10th and 11th of April, with one service handed to Pastor Shekhar and another to myself. Pastor Shekhar's message on the signs of the times and prophetic fulfillment convicted many of the state of their lives and preparedness for the coming of the Lord. My message on the marriage supper of the Lamb won a chorus of 'halleluiahs' in Pastor MacDonald’s church where around 50 people attended.


And from there it was the Coimbatore Express for me.

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