Album Release: Aadhi Akini Dec. 2009

It was a long awaited dream of my wife Benita and myself to produce a Christian Worship album for the glory of the Lord. Ours was not a desire for wealth or fame, but an effort through releasing a gospel music CD of our own, to reach the masses and further our work in Coimbatore.

We hadn't of course aimed at making a nifty profit, just on making good the investment in the endeavour. And so with only words of praise for our God, and gospel tunes ringing in our hearts, we set out to find ourselves a music director/ composer. After a long search we felt confident in our find: Mr. J. Rave Menon, a Malyalam and Tamil music composer settled in Kavundampalayam, Coimbatore, who hadn't as yet composed for a Christian album but was willing to experiment.

After the music was composed and set, we left for Chennai for the final recording before production and distribution began. The voice recording took place in Meazhi Studios, Chennai.

We owe special thanks to Sound Engineer Jai Sudhakar, for his valuable recording tips (including making us sing the same line over and over, and over again till we got it right :-))

We released the CD on the 30th of December, 2009 at our year end convention in Pattanampudur, Coimbatore. It was distributed privately and circulated in Christian bookstores throughout Coimbatore.

Album Release at the , 2009

Our CD was titled, "Aadhi Akini" (The Original Fire) The tunes and lyrics were self-composed. All the songs were God given messages to us in times of trouble and distress. We received them as we sat and worshiped in His presence, in watchings, in fastings, in our silent devotions.

The list of songs is as follows:

(You can watch the song video bly clicking on the respective YouTube links below:-)

1) Yennai indr`e yetr`e kond`e naamam
    (The Name which has embraced me.)

2) Kalvariyin Anbinaye

    (The love of Calvary)

3) Kalangal Marum, nerangal marum, 
    maradhavar nam Yesuve
   (Times change, seasons change, but our Jesus is unchanging)

 4) Aliyum Atumave
    (Lost Souls)

5) Kaalai nerathil jebathai yeradeth`e

   (I lift up my prayer at dawn)

 6) Yaar unnaku podham yendral

    (Who is your sufficiency?)

 7) Belaveen naan, belavaan neer

    (I am weak, He is strong)

 8) Belan kudakum Devane

    (The God who gives strength)

 9) Anaadhi Sneghathale + Devanum nee re (medley)

    (First Love + You are God)

10) Ezhpudhal Akini

    (Revival Fire)

The CD does not have the brand flourishes of today's interactive worship albums, but was a simple effort on our part to reach the hearts of Tamil gospel music listeners with the message God gave us.

It was a truly fulfilling experience.

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