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Prophectic Awareness Church Meeting
Cherambady, Gudalur

At Bro. Edwin and Sis. Vandana's behest, their local church bishop arranged for me to speak at the Cherambady Tamil Nadu Evangelical Lutheran Church on the 7th of September, 2014.

We left for Chermabady on the 6th. As usual the velvet green and welcome quiet of the area embraced us as we drove up to it.

Bro. Edwin's home is quite a trek from the main road, and the walkway had grown slick with recent showers, but the scenic route along the small mud path between the family's tea plantation made up for the uphill  climb.

The next day happened to be Vishu - the Kerala New Year.

I preached on the soon coming of Christ, the condition of the Laodecian church age, the state of churches and believers today, the play of politics in the church, and the bondage of traditional christianity, and issued a warning of how Christ would come only for those who remained unspotted from the world.


At the end of the service a woman came up to me and testified that it was only that day that her spiritual ears had been opened to hear the Word of the Lord.

The family had their relatives and friends over to start off the New Year. We had a nice time of fellowship and Bible Study at their home. I spoke on the roots of traditional Christianity, how Christianity had been influenced by Babylonian traditions, paganism in Catholicism, and the work of Ecumenism in our day.

That evening I had the opportunity to meet another brother from the church who had begun ministering on his own in the area. This brother has invited me to Cherambady to speak at a common church hall in the month of November.

We left the rolling green slopes and misty hill tops of Cherambady the next day in time for our evening meeting at Kothagiri.

The drive back was precarious with thick mist obscuring our vision on the pot holed road down.

Do pray that the work of the Lord which has begun in the area may flourish in the days to come.

Kothagiri Bible Study,
8th Sept. 2014

Sis. Jeyaraj, whose husband had been ministering in Kothagiri since 2000 (before his demise in 2012), invited us to her home for a cottage meeting and Bible study on our way back from Cherambady. 

We stopped over on the 8th of September on our way to Coimbatore. The meeting began at 7:00 pm and went on till around 9:00 pm. Sis. Jeyaraj had invited her friends and neighbours to hear the Word. 

The message was a warning about Ecumenism, and highlighted the coming rule of the antichrist, the persecution of the church, and the missing color of the Vatican. It was a call to the individual still steeped in denominations to make a decision to stand for the present truth in the face of opposition and ridicule - a call to awareness of the times we are now living in.

The message was well received and moved many.

Bro. Jeyaraj was one among those responsible for the translation of Bro. Branham's messages from English to Tamil, and their distribution in Tamil Nadu. He and his wife have undergone numerous hardships in serving the Lord in the Nilgiris.

Sis. Jeyaraj resides in Dannington, Kothagiri with her son Jonathan and daughter Shirley. Her elder daughter Ida is married and lives in Pollachi near Coimbatore. Do keep this family in your prayers.

Prophectic Events Bible Study Opening
Cherambady, Gudalur
24th August, 2014.

A brother from our church, Bro. Prakash has relatives in Cherambady,  Gudalur district, a small town on the Tamil Nadu-Kerala border. He had been sharing with them from time to time, the truth about the present times and the soon coming of the Lord. 

They heard about our Prophetic Awareness Meetings in Coimbatore and asked us to pay them a visit and maybe have a time of prayer at their place. A few of us decided to make the trip up to the hills to kindle the fires we had begun in Coimbatore.

Gudalur's wild beauty captivated us. Its misty peaks, dotting of tea and coffee estates, and expanse of dew locked glades and glens was just the kind of setting for some quiet time with the Lord.

The family's homestead in Cherambady is a humble dwelling with a magnificent view, a kitchen boasting mugs of steaming black estate tea, and the love and warmth of its few members.

Bro. Edwin, his mother, his wife Sis. Vandana, her mother, and their children Blessy and Nancy made us feel very much at home.

From left: Bro. Prakash, Pastor Shadrach, Helen, Sis. Benita with Baby Nancy,
Sis. Vandana, Bro. Edwin, Sis. Savitri, and Sis. Vandana's mother at their estate. 
The family invited a couple of non-christian neighbours over to hear the Word. It was a small gathering but the short study on the signs of the coming of the Lord was well received and the family extended an invitation to come over once again for a larger private gathering of friends and family.

From Left: Bro. John, Bro. Prakash, Pastor Shadrach, Bro. and Sis. _, Sis. Benita with Blessy,
Helen, Sis. Vandana, and Sis. Mercy in front of the _ residence in Paderi.

Following our trip there, Bro. Edwin has arranged for a preaching engagement at the local TELC church in Cherambady and a small gathering at a relative's place in Paderi, a neighbouring village.

Conoor Child Dedication, Jan 2013 

Conoor is a town nestled in the heart of the Nilgiris, situated around 20 kms from the well known hill station, Ooty.


I have been to Conoor on numerous occasions, sometimes to minister, and sometimes for quiet time alone with God in prayer.

Pastor Lawrence of Small Bandisholai village near the Wellington Barracks in Conoor had invited me to preach to his congregation many a time.


He invited me and Pastor P. T. John of Udumalpet to dedicate his grandson 'Sean Adams' to the Lord on the 13th of January, 2013. A small church gathering was arranged for the purpose with friends and family in attendance as well.

Pastor Lawrence and his son John led the worship.

I spoke a few words on the battle between David and Goliath, the symbolism of David's actions on the battlefield, and its parallel to the struggling Apostolic church today facing the giant of Ecumenism.

Pastor P. T. John shared his testimony and elaborated on the value of the grace of God.

Pastor Lawrence's son John and his wife Tina dedicated their infant son to the Lord and named him Sean Adams.

Our prayers and blessings are with dear Sean. May he grow up to be a light for the Lord and sow the seeds of peace and reconciliation in a dark world where promises and relationships are fleeting things. 

Gudalur Tribal Ministry, 2009

Bro. Samuel had been ministering among the tribals of Gudalur since 1985. I came into contact with him through another minister in the faith. I shared the truth with him, and he readily accepted and was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ.

The harvest is plenty but the labourers are few

I accompanied Bro. Samuel into the Mudhumalai forest area near Gudalur twice, and ministered to the tribal folk in the area.

The Paniya tribes folk are quite timid and almost afraid to venture out in front of strangers, no matter how pleasant they may seem. They only entertain those whom they know well, and may come across as hostile when you first meet them.

Outside a tribal home

The government has attempted to meet some of their material needs such as food rations, education, and drinking water supply. However, this seems to have had only a limited impact on the Paniya people mostly because they prefer to keep to themselves and are wary of any favours from an outside party.

Gudalur is situated between Ooty and Mysore and houses the forest reserves of Mudhumalai where the Tamil Nadu National Wildlife Sanctuary is located, as well as part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. 
Aerial view of Gudalur

The Nilgiris boast virgin forests with an emphasis on environmental respect. Plastics have been banned in the hills, and the only litter left around comes from tourist buses. The tribes eat, hunt, and live in the forests.
With forest guard Bro. Ebenezer

On the two occasions I visited them, we ministered mainly to a child audience, with their parents and elders looking on from inside their tribal huts. The elders were obviously camera shy and refused to be photographed even from afar.

A Tribal Hut

We had a clothes drive in Coimbatore with many of our brethren and friends donating old clothes for the tribes.

Tribal children

These people remain oblivious of much of the world's developments. The majority are Hindu with a small percentage remaining loyal to animalistic and ancestral beliefs. They, however can easily be taught about Jesus Christ and the Bible in story form. It is easier to relate to the man in the bush who knows nothing of the outside world for he sees the Creator at work in the nature all around him. What remains is to prove to him that this Creator-God was in fact revealed in Jesus Christ, who is God above all gods.

With a Gudalur native

We managed to see quite a bit of wildlife around including spotted deer, black faced langurs, elephants, wild buffalo, and wild boar. There was even a wild boar familiar with the natives, who came upto us close range and ate from out of our hands.
Spotted Deer
Black Faced Langur

Pastor Samuel passed away in 2010.

Do pray for his family and for the Paniya people, that many among them may put on Christ.

Ketti 2006

I have known Pastor Denadayal for the past 10 years. This brother pastors a church in Mettupalayam, Tamil Nadu, and later began ministering in a small village called Ketti in the Nilgiris.

With Pastor Denadayal in Ketti Prayer Hall
He invited me to preach in his church at Ketti in 2006.

A congregation of around 70 were assembled for a 1 day meeting there. Around 30 members from our church in Coimbatore accompanied me to Ketti for the meeting.

I preached on light versus darkness with the text from John 8:12.

Bro. David interprets in Tamil

Pastor Denadayal underwent a lot of opposition and numerous hindrances in his minisry both in Mettupalayam and Ketti. 

At one point, in the yeat 2010, when this brother had come to visit me in my home in Coimbatore, he began sharing about the problems he had faced in Ketti and asked me to pray for the Lord to guide him regarding the ministry there, which at the time, was proving very difficult to hold on to.

It was at this time while we were in prayer, that the Lord gave us a Word of Knowledge counselling him to continue ministering in Ketti, and in fact to concentrate more on the work there.

May the Lord grant this brother wisdom and grace to lead his flock unblamably in the faith and guard them against all the false doctrines of the age.

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