Osmanabad-Pune-Kolhapur 2014

Pastor Shadrach left Coimbatore on the 17th of July, his heart burdened with a message for the people in Osmanabad, Kolhapur, and Pune, Maharashtra. The trip was chalked out after invitations from Pastor Godotti and Pastor Yohan, and with much prayer.

Osmanabad 18th and 19th July, 2014

Pastor Shadrach reached Sholapur on the 18th, and was put up at a lodge in Naldurg. The meeting venue was a hall close by in Jalkot, right off the Sholapur - Hyderabad highway, with around 50 people expected for the service which would last from 12 noon to 6:00 pm.

All those who had heard Pastor Shadrach the first time received him gladly.

The congregation was blessed with a message on ‘The Sin of Lucifer’ and its manifestation in the son of perdition today.

The next day, the 19th, held a simple message on ‘The Lord’s Prayer’, its many facets, and its effect on the lives of believers if earnestly followed.

Pastor Godotti interpreted the message in Hindi.

All those who were present testified to being spiritually thrilled and profited.

A view of the Naldurg Fort on the way to Jalkot

Pastor Shadrach left Sholapur for Pune on the 20th for an evening meeting in Pastor Yohan’s church in Bhosari.

Pune 20th and 21st July, 2014

The weather was stormy throughout Pune, and the rains fierce.

Monsoon weather racking Pune

Pastor Godotti too, attended the meeting in Pune which was held on the second floor of Bro. Waghmare's (an elder in the Pune church) home which has been dedicated for prayer. The meeting was arranged from 5:30 to 8:00 pm.

On the 20th, Pastor Shadrach preached on 'The five rebellious thoughts of Lucifer' and its manifestation in the man of sin: present and future.

On the 21st, the message was an admonition to ministers to tend to their flock the way Christ tended to his sheep, and to be wary of lording it over believers. It was a general appeal to ministers to work together in harmony and co-operation to achieve the maximum benefit for each believer and further the work of Christ. The message also dealt with order and discipline in the believer’s relationship with others in the church and outside.

Pastor Yohan interpreted for both services.

With Pastor Yohan
A meeting in Pastor Yohan’s second fellowship in Pattankodoli, Kolhapur, was scheduled for 12:00 noon to 6:00 pm on the 22nd. So, Pastor Shadrach, Pastor Godotti, and Bro. Waghmare set out for Kolhapur early the next morning. Bro. Waghmare who works shifts as a machine operator, is a good support for Pastor Yohan’s ministry in and around Pune. 

The church building in Pattankodoli, some 15 kms from Kolhapur main station is a plain brick structure undergoing development. The building was completed in November of 2013, and has been dedicated to the Lord. Pastor Yohan has been serving the Lord in Pattankodoli and the surrounding areas from 1998. The church has been handed over to responsible elders, and Pastor Yohan visits once a month.

Pattankodoli, Kolhapur, 22nd July, 2014

The message preached centered around the Lord's prayer. The church was touched by the anointed Word and testified to the mighty overflowing of the presence of the Lord that day.

During the final prayer, Pastor Shadrach saw a vision of an angel with a sword in his hand above the congregation inside the church. As he was wondering about the meaning of the vision, it came to mind how the Lord visited Gideon, and how Gideon was inspired to instruct the Israeli army to shout 'The sword of the Lord and of Gideon' (Judges 7:18). The vision was a message not only for the Pattankodoli congregation but for all the Bride saints: The Lord is our strength and sword, with him on our side we can be confident of victory, we have to be prepared to do battle in these times to overcome the sin that so easily besets us, to guard against the wiles and lures of Satan, and also to put up a brave front in the face of persecution.

The trio had left Pune at around 5:30 am on the morning of the 22nd, for the 250 km drive to Pattankodoli in Bro. Yohan's car, in time for the meeting at 12:00 pm, with Bro. Waghmare at the wheel, after finishing his night shift at work. After the meeting, they left the village at 8:00 pm for the long drive home with Pastor Shadrach in the driver's seat. Although the lack of sleep in preparation for the meeting, the weariness of the day's journey which was nearly 500 kms to and fro, and the relentless monsoon showers pursuing them had taken a toll on the brothers, it was nothing compared to the joy of serving the souls in Kolhapur.

The brothers reached Pune at 1:00 am. The next day, Pastor Shadrach dined at Pastor Godotti's home; and bid goodbye to the saints in Pune on the 24th, with Bro. Godotti's son Jonathan accompanying him to the railway station to help him catch his 2:00 am train to Coimbatore.

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