Prophectic Awareness Bible Study - Cbe - Trichy

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Prophectic Events Bible Study 
RS Puram, Coimbatore, 
24th August, 2013.

It had long been my desire to have a meeting place in the main town district of Coimbatore. I and my family had been praying for this intention for the past 6 years.

Our church is in a relatively backward place in Coimbatore accessible only by vehicle, and caters mainly to those in the Sundarapuram/ Kuniamuthur areas. Having a place for fellowship in town has always been a dream, although an implausible one at best due to the fact that the rent for a prayer hall in town is anywhere between Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 40,000 per month for maybe 6 to 8 days in a month.

It was when I was praying about conducting Bible Studies to make the average Christian aware of the prophetic events of the day, that the Lord spoke in my heart asking me to go visit a man whom I had known of, a prominent advocate named Jeevanandam. The Lord expressly said that He had spoken in this man’s heart, and that he would be willing to lend his premises in RS Puram to me for prayer meetings.

I was prepared to offer a nominal amount as rent, maybe Rs. 2,000 to 2,500 per month, and asked the Lord to speak in Mr. Jeevanandam’s heart and lower the rent for me. I did not know from where even that rent would come, but knew the Lord would somehow provide the needful for me.

When I met Mr. Jeevanandam, we got to talking about the Word, and he was surprisingly knowledgeable about certain end time events. I expressed my vision of holding Bible Studies so the common man could understand more of the Word.

Our church had recently purchased a projector, and my main aim in conducting these meetings in town was to present the signs of the end times visually to the masses, to impact even those who were ignorant of end time teachings.

By the grace of God, Mr. Jeevanandam willingly offered his premises for the meetings free of cost. May the Lord richly bless him for it.

The prayer hall is on the 2nd floor of a shopping complex on DB Road, RS Puram, one of the busiest areas of Coimbatore town. It measures 40X40 and can accommodate more than 200 people.

The first Bible Study was held on the 24th of August, 2013, from 4:00 to 7:00 pm. In attendance were Pastor Abraham from Tirupur, Pastor Loganathan from Udumalpett, Pastor Samson from Coimbatore, and Bro. Rajappan from Oddan Chatram. The crowd was a mix of end time believers and denominationals.


The message centered around texts in Luke 21 and Matthew 24. I showed the people images of end time prophecies taking place all over the world, with a special focus on the San Andreas Fault in California, and the prophecy of a catastrophic earthquake which would result in the destruction of America and have far reaching effects across the globe.


The second meeting was held on 7th September, 2013. The subject touched on was the 4 horsemen of Revelation, with a focus on the pale horse rider and its bearing in our times.

All those who attended witnessed that they had been mightily blessed. The Lord’s Spirit moved and anointed the discourse, and spoke in the hearts of all who heard.

15th Aug 2014: A Review:

It has now been almost a year since RLM began its Bible Study meetings in town. The meetings have drawn a varied crowd of listeners including preachers, Bible college students, christian workers from other denominations, and lay people.

We have covered topics such as The Signs of the Times, the Fourth Horse rider of Revelation 6, The Mystery of Iniquity from the Fall of Lucifer, to the Mark of Cain, to the significance of Nebuchadnezzar's dream of the great statue, the Exposition of the antichrist, and the Ecumenical Movement in our times. Our recent study was on the Presence of God, and its manifestation through the ages.

All who attend can witness to the blessing and anointing of the Holy Spirit with each subsequent session. I see new faces come and go, and also a faithful few who keep returning, yet all who come surely carry a glimpse at the message of this hour.

In fact, the prophecies that we looked at only a while ago, that we studied and referred to along with their parallels in the world happenings, are actually coming to pass before our very eyes!

Following our study on the Californian quake risk, came the news about oarfish surfacing on Californian coasts predicting future disaster. Our study on the Mystery of Iniquity barely came to a close before we received news of the Pope's declaration on a One World Religion. This is a confirmation of the Word God has given us for today.

I am thankful to Bro. Jeevanandam for giving me the opportunity to conduct these sessions and pray that God may richly bless him.

I also thank all those of you who take time off from your busy schedules to actually come and be a part of this fellowship. You are in fact proving the fact that the spiritual treasures in Christ Jesus are of far more value than the material treasures of this temporary world.

Here are a few more photos of subsequent meetings 2013/14.

Prophectic Events Bible Study 
Poolankudi, Trichy, 
9th September, 2013.

Following the success of the Bible Study meetings in Coimbatore, I arranged for a similar meeting in our church in Trichy under the care of Bro. John Kennedy of OFT, Poolankudi.

The 30x15 church hall has been recently built on the terrace of Bro. John Kennedy’s house to accommodate around 100 people.

With Sis. Benita

The meetings were held on the 9th of September, 2013 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm, and drew a mixed denominational crowd of around 70 people. In attendance were Bro. Rajappan from Oddan Chatram, Pastor David from Church of God, Trichy, and Bro. Israel.

We encountered severe opposition from the Catholic populace of the area with an announcement in all Catholic churches in the vicinity not to attend the Bible Study. However the Lord blessed all those who attended.

The message centered around the prophetic events of our day, and how the Biblical prophecies relating to earthquakes in divers places and the seas and waves roaring were a natural chain of events being sparked off in our times. I discussed the link between earthquakes, destruction by tsunamis and floods, and the effect of global warming on the planet as laid out in scripture. I also presented to the people certain NASA findings which throw light on the scripture regarding signs in the heavens.

More a reiteration of the two meetings in Coimbatore, the Trichy meeting held a more detailed explanation regarding the gross darkness covering the people as mentioned in Isaiah, escalating violence in our world, and the refusal of sinners of our day to confess and come clean of their sin, in relation to the scripture in Rev 22:11. I also touched on the effects of Ecumenism in Christianity today.

All those who came were fulfilled. Many expressed their wish for more such meetings in the future.

Bro. John Kennedy is a dear brother who is labouring hard for the people of Trichy to come to the truth. He has not yet entered the ministry per se. But the Lord has a plan for his life, which will surely come to fruition in the days to come. Do pray for him, his wife Vimalin, and his daughters Brisquita, Bennila, and Karen Betrissia, and for the church in Trichy.

15th Aug 2014: A Review

The Bible Study sessions in Trichy have been richly blessed. Although we did have disturbances in the form of power cuts once or twice.

A few attendees are preparing for baptism. Many have confessed to now having a closer walk with their Redeemer.

The surrounding churches have taken a hostile approach to our open invitation, and we have recently found out that a neigbourhood pastor has secretly visited an Indian witch doctor for an incantantion so that members of his flock may not stray over to our side.

All in all, there is still a lot of work to be done in Trichy. Do pray for all those who attend. Also lift up Bro. John Kennedy in prayer for he has met with a lot of persecution since coming to the faith. May the Lord break down all hindrances in His path and bless him both materially and spiritually this year.

Following are a few more photos of subsequent meetings 2013/14:


Prophetic Awareness Meeting, 
Ramnagar, Coimbatore
15th June, 2014

Bro. Prakash from Rhema Life Ministry, Coimbatore arranged for a prophetic awareness meeting at the home of one of his relatives in Ramnagar, Coimbatore on the 15th of June, 2014.

Bro. Jacob and Sis. Lata opened up the doors of their home to us for prayer. They invited a few friends and relatives over for a private gathering.

The small cottage prayer service was blessed with a display of the prophetic awareness message on ‘the signs of the times’ with an emphasis on how the prophetic utterances in the Bible were coming to fulfillment in our times, and how each incident could effect our lives and our country today.

All those who attended expressed a desire to learn more.

God willing, we shall be able to conduct many more such meetings for the benefit of those desiring to know more about the Word of God and the prophecies that are to be fulfilled before the coming of His Son Jesus Christ.

29th October, 2014: A Review

We have been graciously invited to conduct fortnightly meetings at the Jacob residence in Ramnagar.

The Bible Study begins at 6:30 pm and goes on till around 8:00 pm.

Our last Bible Study held on the 12th of October, 2014 was on 'The Great Image' as recorded in the Book of Daniel, the interpretation of the vision that Daniel gave King Nebuchadnezzar in his time, and its fulfillment across history leading up to how Christ 'the stone cut out without hands' will bring down the reign of earthly kingdoms in our day.

The message also exposed the mix of Babylonian rituals in Catholicism, and the how true Christianity has been adulterated over the years until, in our times, it is now cloaked with the mask of Ecumenism.

I pray that the little group that has begun attending the Bible Study regularly may grow in the days to come.

For any of you in an around Coimbatore interested in attending, do contact Pastor Shadrach @ 74022 61037 or Bro. Jacob @ 94878 01100.


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