Pune - Mumbai 2014

Pune Mumbai 2014.

The Lord led me to minister at a number of churches in Maharasthra in March 2014.

I had chalked out a schedule from the 18th to the 30th of March.

I and my wife arrived in Pune on the 18th of March, and travelled to Pastor Yohan’s home in Bhosari. Pastor Yohan, originally from Khumbhoj, Kolhapur, now resides in Pune with his wife Seema, and sons Amos and Amen. He has been serving the Lord in Pune since 2006, and has a small congregation in Pimpri Chinchewad.

Since my meetings in Pastor Yohan’s church were scheduled for the 21st of the month, I took up Pastor Babu’s invitation to visit his church in Badlapur, on the outskirts of Mumbai.

Badlapur – 19th – 20th March 2014

Pastor Babu had been with Pastor Daniel Christian since 1991, has been serving the Lord independently since 2013, and now pastors a church of around 70 believers in Badlapur, Thane district, Maharashtra. The congregation meets on the second floor of a building which has been rented for the purpose.

Pastor Babu lives in Ambernath with his wife and 2 children, Chitra and Stalin. His eldest daughter Dhanam is married. The family warmly welcomed us into their home.

Pastor Babu ministers in and around Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Orissa, Pondicherry, Bangalore, and Tamil Nadu.

I preached at Bro. Babu’s church on the 19th and 20th of March. I was requested to preach in Tamil for the Tamil audience with Pastor Babu interpreting in Hindi on the 19th.

The service was conducted from 7:00 to 10:00 pm. The worship was led by Bro. Babu and Elder Michael Swami.

In attendance were Pastors Andrews, Hingle, Isaac, and Jeyaraj to name a few.

My message on the 19th was ‘The Voice of the trumpet’ with the text from Revelation 10:11. The message centered on the prophetic voice of the age being uttered by the Five fold ministry in our times, and a rebuke of false ministers as wolves in sheep’s clothing diverting the gaze of the church from perfection to worldly cares.

The congregation rejoiced to the simplicity in which Biblical prophecies were being fulfilled in our times and were all greatly edified in spirit.

My message on the 20th covered the two main signs of the Lord’s coming: the falling away of Christianity and the son of perdition being revealed.

Pastor Isaac interpreted the message in Hindi.

Two people possessed by evil spirits came forward for prayer. An evil spirit was cast out of a young brother, and he was urged to commit his life to the Lord and be baptized. The sister too expressed relief, but the Lord told me that unless she commits wholeheartedly, the spirit will keep troubling her in the flesh. 

There was a strength of around 75 people on day 1 and over a 100 on day 2 from Ambernath, Badlapur, Vittalwadi, and the surrounding areas.

We left Pastor Babu’s home early the next morning for Pune.

Pune - 21st to 23rd March 2014

The 21st March Bhosari meeting was conducted on the terrace of Pastor Yohan’s apartment building.

The message was a reiteration of what I had covered in Badlapur.

Pastor Manoj Ranaware and Pastor James were among the ministers who attended, with Pastor Yohan interpreting in Marathi.

Bro. Rajeev Bhatkar originally from Yeotmal, now settled in Pune dedicated his baby girl Ahanna during the service.

On the 22nd, my message centered on the text from Exodus 25: 20,21.

Bro. Shimon, Pastor Yohan’s brother-in-law and co-worker, interpreted.

The services were conducted from 5:00 to 8:00 pm.

Pastor Yohan had arranged a meeting on the 23rd in St. Robert’s School, Pimpri Chinchewad.

My message was ‘The missing colour of the Vatican.’ I shared personal testimonies of my spiritual growth and the difficulties I had faced in the early years of my ministry in an attempt to admonish the flock to seek spiritual growth and upliftment.

I also went through slides on ‘The signs in the heavens’ being found in our times testifying to the soon coming of our Lord.

Mulund - 27th and 28th March 2014

It was my first visit to Pastor Prabhudas Thambe’s church in Mulund, Mumbai. I was introduced to him by Bro. Russell, a mutual friend and brother in the Lord.

Pastor Thambe lives in Mulund West with his wife, son Philip, and daughter Rebecca. He has been working for the Lord for the past 30 years. Pastor Thambe ministers in Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, and Hubli. Bro. Philip assists him in the ministry.

The congregation gathered in a rental room at Rajiv Gandhi High School, Mulund for the meeting.

The worship was conducted by Bro. Vinod and Bro. Russell.

My message on the 27th was about the five rebellious thoughts of Lucifer, and a reiteration of the message: 'The missing colour of the Vatican'.

On the 28th, I preached on Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the great statue and the 5 kingdoms it represented as mentioned in Daniel 2, as well as its parallel in Revelation 17.

  Bro. Philip handled the interpretation of the messages in Hindi.

The Word was received with much gladness and thanksgiving.

The Lord gave me a word of knowledge regarding Bro. Philip’s calling as an evangelist, which was a confirmation to this brother’s prayer seeking God’s will for his life.

Aug 1, 2014: Bro. Philip is now working as a teacher in Chatthisgarh and as per the Word of the Lord, is labouring hard to spread the Word there.

Ambernath - 29th and 30th March, 2014

We left Mulund at noon the following day and travelled by a brother’s cab to Ambernath where we were made at home by Pastor Shekhar David. Pastor Shekhar now resides in Pune with his wife, son Jeremiah, and parents. He has been actively serving the Lord in Ambernath and Pune, Maharashtra since 1989 where he pastors two churches, and has recently established another church in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. He also frequently ministers in Punjab, Gujarat, New Delhi, Kolhapur, and Ahmednagar MH.

Pastor Shekhar has been boldly preaching the Word in and around Maharashtra inspite of severe criticism, persecution from the Hindu community, and misunderstandings even among our own brethren regarding his ministry.

My message on the 29th was about the presence of God across the different dispensations of time, and a word of admonition for the Bride saints. There were around 150 people present, with Pastor Shekhar interpreting in Hindi.

On the 30th during the morning service in Mumbai, I preached on ‘The Significance of the Two Silver Trumpets’ of Numbers 10, with an overview of the ministry of Moses and Joshua, and a look at how the Holy Spirit baptism falls only after separation. I also displayed some of the ‘signs in the heavens’ slides I had on hand foretelling the coming of the Lord. There were around 200 people in church with Bro. Moses, Pastor Shekhar's brother interpreting the message.

The worship was conducted by Pastor Shekhar and Bro. Moses.


We left Ambernath for Pune at around 2:00 pm, after the morning service, and drove the 145 kms to Bhosari, Pune, for the second service which began at 5 pm.

My message for the Pune church was a reiteration of ‘The missing colour of the Vatican’, which was received with much enthusiasm. I also expounded on 'The Two Silver Trumpets' and showed the crowd certain slides and video clippings related to the signs of the times.

There were about 250 people present with Pastor Shekhar interpreting the message in Hindi.

It was heartening to hear a Tamil song by a couple from Tanjavur, TN: ‘Appa ennaku neer saidh`e nanmaigal’ (‘Oh Father the good that you have done for me’) They had been baptized by Tanjore Pastor Aasirvadham in the Name of Jesus Christ and were attending Pastor Shekhar’s church while in Pune on work.

After the service at Pune, we drove back the same night to Mumbai. The next morning, we were invited to Bro. Edison's home for breakfast and prayer. Bro. Edison is an elder in the church. His wife, Sis. Damyanthi had accompanied her mother to a historic Branham Campaign  in the year 1954, when she was 9 years old, at which her mother received healing for an affliction.

We then took our leave, and traveled by cab to proper Mumbai where we rested for a couple of days in a relative’s home before setting off for Coimbatore.

All who were a part of the meetings would surely testify of the blessedness and the grace of God poured out on his saints through the Word during those days.

It is my burning desire that the Bride may recognize the beauty of the spirit of prophecy working in the church today and pray fervently, desperately, and unceasingly for a great revival so that the days of the Apostles may come back once again, and that the Bride saints may move forward working for and serving the Lord wholeheartedly fulfilling their holy commission before the coming of our blessed Redeemer and Saviour Jesus Christ.


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