RLM Media Ministry

It was in the year 2008 that the idea for the start of Rhema Life Media Ministry came into my mind. I dwelt on it for a long time, not willing to commit to anything until I had confirmation that it was the will of the Lord.

While in prayer in our home, we received a word of wisdom from the Lord confirming that this was in fact His will, but that we would undergo a lot of opposition even from our dear ones in the Lord because of this, and that we would have to overcome many obstacles to get this underway.

A photographer brother in our church came forward and arranged for the video shooting and editing of the messages preached in our church.

The messages were preached in English and interpreted in Tamil.

We have shot around 33 messages, but have released only 5 of them. 

1. The Ten Virgins

2. The Four Living Creatures

3. Honouring the Work of God Part I

4. Honouring the work of God Part II

5. Entrance to the Royal Throne Room

These messages are for private circulation only and are meant for the edification of the Bride and the admonition of the saints of God.

Editing of the other CDs/DVDs is still in process.

To order a CD send an email (mentioning number of CDs required and titles) to: rhemalifeministrycbe7@gmail.com or neonsunday7@gmail.com

*(We also send mpeg and wave files via email.)

We are currently working on posting new message videos on YouTube.

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