My INDIA vision

In 2009, there was a prophecy in our church regarding future ministry endeavours. The Lord said, “Your feet shall tread on lands your eyes have not seen.”

Following this prophecy, in 2012, I received a call from the Lord to carry the end time message of prophetic awareness to churches all over India warning them of the close of the Laodecian Age, the signs of the coming of the Lord, and the reign of the antichrist.

I found new doors being opened up to me across India after that.

I am thankful to all the brethren who understand and share my vision, and have given me the opportunity to speak in their churches, and to their congregations, recognizing the move of the Spirit through the prophetic Word. I am also thankful to all those of you who have honoured this ministry and helped me with contacts to further the work of the Lord. 

Beloved, the coming of the Lord is near. The scriptures are coming alive before our eyes. Age old prophecies are being fulfilled even as we speak. And the beauty at how these prophecies are coming to pass is what I emphasize on when I preach. What men of God have spoken in times past, is now being proved by science. We see those old Bible forecasts that people never took much seriously showcased in our newspapers today. And yet, not many people are really aware of how close the coming of the Lord is.

The 'falling away', and the 'son of perdition being revealed', which are the two main signs of the coming of Christ, as mentioned in II Thessalonians 2:3, have now come to pass.

What the Christian world needs to understand is that the Bible is a guidebook. It has maps, war plans, sign posts, prediction keys. The knowledge of God, spoken through the tongues and pens of men across the ages, shows us exactly what nations will be at war in the future, how these wars will end up, how the rule of the antichrist is being slowly but surely ushered in, and how ecumenism, which is the Beast of Revelation 17 now rears its head against the true saints of God.

If people can see how past prophecies are now fulfilled they will surely develop an awareness of the times we are living in. My call is to ready the souls of all those in the Christian world who have, as yet, lived in ignorance of the present truth, take responsibility for themselves and their loved ones and seriously accept the surety of God's Word regarding the return of His Son Jesus Christ for His Bride.

This call has taken me to various parts of the country, not just to big churches with sizable congregations, but also to groups of believing Christians scattered here and there in the many inconspicuous villages and towns of India. There is no church too poor, no need too small that the Spirit of God does not have room enough to occupy and fill.

Many of us make the mistake of overestimating the outreach of the message of the hour. There are still many places where people are ignorant of the signs of the times, and the call to separation.

My desire is that I reach every nook and cranny of the country, where the news of His soon coming has not yet penetrated, or where the soul lies in a state of spiritual lethargy and despondency, and fill every sleeping heart with waking boldness and fire, to face the challenges that lie before us as we enter 2017.

Hard times lie ahead my brethren. The true Bride of Christ will suffer some persecution before the Lord returns. It is in this persecution that the Christian world will single out the true saints as apostates and blasphemers. And it is in this fire that the revival that we have been crying for, will come back and fill our homes and churches. We shall see greater works than those of the Apostles in our days.

So brethren be prepared, we are living on borrowed time.

Do pray for me and this ministry, and that in the coming days I may be able to complete the work the Lord has given me.


  1. God bless you Bro Shadrack. You know more than me or any other man that God is with you.As He is with you,i believe it is more than enough assurance that He will complete the work He started with you years back.He never starts anything He wouldn`t finish since He is the Author and Finisher of our faith.Amen.I got to know of your ministry through Prophetic Revelation website which has been an immense source of blessing to my soul and spirit.I thank GOD every day for the lives of Bro Gan, Bro Nice,Bro Veremu,Bro Andrew P,Bro Billy Joseph,Bro Israel D and ofcourse you Bro Shadrack and the others not here mentioned.I was blessed by your messages;1)THE MISSING COLOR OF THE VATICAN & THE POWER OF THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD through the PR Website.
    Blessed be The Name of The Lord who amidst the confusion,mockings and hypocrisy of the religious world ,still has a people who are called by His Name and has also raised faithful ministers who are able to stand as custodians of The Word with the message of the hour.Hallelujah. God bless and keep you in His service always. Amen.
    Bro Loh Constantine (Student of The Message of the hour) WEST AFRICA,CAMEROON.

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