Tamil Nadu - Special Meetings - Updated!

Tirupur Church Meetings
4th March, 2018

Whenever I have to make a trip out of town on mission work, I am blessed to have a like minded servant of God in the faith who looks out for my flock in Coimbatore. 

Pastor Abraham who came to the Lord in 1990, and has a church in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, requested me to preach at his church on March 4th of this year. 

Around 50 people were expected on general invitation, and since it was a Sunday, we left Coimbatore after our usual morning service by car. 

My wife and a few brothers from my church accompanied me for the meeting. We reached around 1:00 pm, and after a brief introductory message of edification, we were served lunch in the little hall in the heart of the busy Tirupur junction.



In the post lunch session, I preached on 'The 10 virgins'. However my main message was: "This Generation" (coming soon on YouTube) - the timeline of events leading upto the coming of Christ.


The 2nd session went on till about 4:00 pm, where a few believers who had come from a distance had to leave. After a short break for tea, the service continued up until 6:00 pm, after which we had a communion service and wound up for the day.

It was a joy to see many of those established faces in the faith I had seen many years ago. And there were also a few brethren who had been visiting from Chennai.

Pastor Abraham, has been ministering in Tirupur from the year 1997. He has braved many trials for the Name of the Lord, even to the extent of being beaten up by Hindu extremists, and left bleeding on the streets in 2001.

He lives in Tirupur with his wife Hephsibah and son Yabesh.

Do pray for Pastor Abraham and his ministry, that many more souls may be added to his number, and that his church may flourish and remain a light for the gospel in the years to come.

Gudiyattam Church Meetings
15th to 16th July, 2017

Pastor Daniel Saarthi had been calling me over to Gudiyattam for another meeting for some time. I hadn’t been able to arrange the dates with my programs in Coimbatore and in other states. But, with God’s leading a 2 days meeting was arranged on the 15th and 16th of July at the church there.

Pastor Daniel Saarthi is one among many pastors who feeds his flock with the deeper riches of the Word. The little congregation is willing and able to grasp and imbibe the harder meat of the Word of God.

Pastor Daniel Saarthi
As such, it is always a joy to travel to the little village church where the brethren are never too tired to sit in just a little bit longer for the message, and always bid us teary goodbyes.

Gudiyattam Church

We left Coimbatore by the Kovai Express at around 3:00 pm and were in Ambur by 9:00 pm. Pastor Saarthi and his son Solomon were there to receive us at the railway station, and they drove us to our lodgings in Gudiyattam.

We went out with the family for the evening meal that day, and discussed ministry matters over dinner.

The meeting was scheduled to begin at around 10:30 am the next day in Pastor Saarthi’s church – just a short distance away from where we had been put up. So we sank into our sheets and were instantly asleep.

The next morning, we awoke pretty early and spent some time in prayer. I had half - prepared 2 messages for the two day meeting at Gudiyattam, one of which was Bible Colours. I had preached a shorter version of the message in Bro. Gan’s church in Singapore, and was wondering if I could further elaborate on that here.

Strangely enough, a couple of days before leaving Coimbatore, I had happened to go on one of my not-so-regular walks in our old neighbourhood, where there is a big playing field which morning joggers and footballers usually occupy. It had been drizzling and the sun had happened to peek out from behind a bunch of clouds at just the right time - there appeared a rainbow in the sky. And I had begun thinking about the Lord's covenant, and how the 7 prismic colours of the rainbow mirror His work in the perfection of man. I had felt the Lord kindling a message in my heart for the good people of Gudiyattam.

I recalled this in that hotel room in Gudi with my Bible on my lap, and the Lord pushed me on to delve deeper into the colour maze till I had my message ready for the church there.

Bro. Solomon and Bro. Silvan came over to pick us up around 10:00 am.

It was quite pleasant in Gudiyattam this time round, and the recent rains had made the whole place look green and lustrous. We crossed the familiar coconut plantations and cow pastures to The End Time Message Bride Ministry church building, and were greeted with those ever-smiling faces we knew so well.

Bro. Paul initiated the service.

Bro. Paul prays for the service

Bro. Sukumar led the worship.

Bro. Sukumar leading the worship

I was handed the pulpit at around 11:15 am.

I spoke on the subject Bible Colors, as the Lord had spoken to me that morning, beginning with God’s Covenant of the rainbow with Noah, and going on to cover the Symbolism of Biblical colours, the colours of the priestly garments, the Missing Colour of the Vatican, and Christ''s plan of redemption and its revelation through the Biblical Timeline.

We broke for lunch at around 2 pm, with the second session beginning at 3:30 and ending at 6:00 pm.

We went back to our lodgings to rest and freshen up a bit, and were back in the church again for the evening meal with Pastor Saarthi’s family and the other brethren there.

We had a good time of fellowship that evening, exchanging spiritual tidbits and ministry anecdotes, and sharing our individual testimonies of the Lord’s work in our lives this past year. By the time we were all done, it was 11:00 pm.

The brothers drove us back to our room for a good night’s rest.

We had our train to Coimbatore the following evening at 5:00 pm, so we were up early the next day to repack our stuff and prepare for the meeting.

Pastor Saarthi had asked me to lead the worship the next day.

My subject on Biblical Colours resumed the next day. I especially touched on the Work of God underlined in each colour of the covenant rainbow, The Humanity and Divinity of Christ, and his flesh being the veil rent on the cross for our sins. 

At the end, the congregation was awash with the presence of the Lord, and we all rejoiced together contemplating the redemptive work of God and His plan for us His children.

Pastor's daughter Prissy and Sis Benita sang some special songs at the end of the service.

Sis. Prissy sings 'Yajamanane(Lord and Master)

We left the little Gudi church with the warmest of hugs and a promise to go back soon, boarded the Intercity Express at Ambur at 5:00 and were in Coimbatore by 10:00 pm that night.

(From Left: Bro. Solomon, Bro. Kumar, Bro. Sukumar, Pastor Saarthi, Myself and Sis Benita,
Sis. Prissy, Sis. Glory, and Sis. Saarthi)

God bless Pastor Saarthi and his congregation who have always been an encouragement and a solace to visiting ministers, never tiring of ministering to their needs, and continually holding various ministries in prayer. My fervent desire for his church is that the Lord may take them from glory to glory and add more souls to their number this year.

Sultanpet, Coimbatore

Jan 14th, 2016

On my previous trip to Andaman in 2016, when I had been called to preach at Pastor Carmegam’s church in Port Blair, I had the pleasure of meeting a preacher from Coimbatore, Pastor Selvasingh.

On hearing my prophetic awareness message at the Fasting Prayer Service in the church that day, he was warmed, and invited me to his church in Sultanpet, Coimbatore whenever I could spare the time.

After we came back to Coimbatore and settled into our usual routine of local ministry work, I almost forgot about his invitation, until the day he called and asked me if I could come over an preach at a Night Fasting & Prayer service in Sultanpet.

I willingly agreed and I and Sis. Benita made our way to Sultanpet for the service at around 9:00 pm.

I was handed the pulpit at around 11:30 pm.

There were around 70 people in attendance.

I shared the testimony of my conversion and entry into ministry life with the small assembly, and then spoke on The Creation of Man, The Flesh and The Spirit, The Convicting Work of the Holy Spirit, The Fall and Restoration of the Human Race, and God made manifest in flesh.

The little assembly was enlivened and rejoicing at the end of the message.

At the end of the service, after the sick and ailing were prayed for, I had a chance to discuss the vision of prophetic awareness that the Lord had given me with the Pastor Selvasingh and his family.

Pastor Selvasingh has been ministering independently in Sultanpet from the time he was a youngster, the area being his native town; and has met with enormous opposition from fundamental hindus there.

I pray that the Lord may take him deeper into the truth of His Word in days to come.

Gudiyattam Church Meetings
20th to 22nd May, 2016

Pastor Daniel Saarthi who has been a brother-in-arms since 2002, invited me to preach at his church in Gudiyattam for a 3 day Convention, from the 20th to the 22nd of May, 2016. Gudiyattam is a town in Vellore district of Tamil Nadu situated between the two mega cities of Chennai and Bangalore.

I and my wife made our way to Vellore by train on the 19th. We had to alight at Ambur and travel to Gudi by vehicle.

We were received at the railway station by Pastor Saarthi and his son Bro. Solomon. They drove us to Gudiyattam and settled us in a lodge there.

We had a short rest and were picked up and at 1:00 pm for lunch with the family at a nearby hotel.

The meeting was to begin the next day, and preparations were going on that evening. We were invited to the church to co-ordinate with the brothers with regard to setting up the projector screen and also for dinner with the Pastor's family.

The church building had come a long way from the little room with the few sincere praying souls inside. And it was a joy to sit out on the porch and talk about the old days and the many ministry challenges that had come by.

We had a good time of fellowship with the few brethren whom we had met during RLMs Hidden Pearls Convention 2015: Bro. Sukumar, the church evangelist, Bro. Ebi who played the keyboard, Bro. Kumar, and Bro. Sethu. Bro. John from Coimbatore, Pastor Abraham from Tirpur, and Pastor Mark from Cuddalore, had also arrived and were staying in the same lodge as us, and Pastor Saarthi's daughter, Sis. Blessy was on leave from her studies at CMC College Vellore, for the occasion.

Pastor Saarthi shared his testimony about how the small gathering in Gudiyattam had grown over the years. He recalled how the faith had blossomed in and around Pattu, (a village near Gudiyattam) during Pastor M. R. Samuel's time, when Pastor Saarthi himself was just a young man, and how the Word had spread through the area like wild fire and touched many hearts. We grew nostalgic with talk of old times, small miracles, and conventions past. Pastor Saarthi narrated how he had come to the ministry, how his small flock had undergone various hardships as a body, but still stuck together through it all by the grace of God, how it had been a labour of love constructing and raising up the church building, and the works the Lord had brought to pass in that place since then.

After an early dinner we all retired to bed.


Pastor Saarthi picked us up the next day to drive us to the church premises, a few kms from our lodgings.

Gudiyattam was sweltering, as usual, even with the rains that had passed by the previous day.

Pastor Ravi initiates the first day's service
The service was divided into two sessions: from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, with a break for lunch served on the premises, and then again from 4:00 to 7:00 pm

Pastor Ravi was called upon to initiate the prayer service.

After the energetic praise and worship session led by Bro. Sukumar,  and a few special songs sung by the church's youth for the occasion, I was handed the pulpit.

Bro. Sukumar leads the worship service
Special Song by church youth

Pre-service meditation

My message for the day centered around The Power from on High.

I spoke on the sign of the "Falling Away" as mentioned in Isaiah, exposed false ministries, and pointed out the mistakes that many so called teachers of the faith were committing in the Name of the Lord. I spoke on the fire that fell on the Apostles on the day of Pentecost, what the new experience of 'speaking in new tongues' meant, the disciples' commission, the Ark of the Covenant being the power and glory of Israel, and a type of Christ's covering of the Bride. I showed the congregation the recent discovery photos and videos of Noah's Ark, the claimed discovery of the Ark of the Covenant, news reports regarding the same, and the significance of the positioning of the Mercy Seat.

The Spirit of the Lord flowed unhindered, and the congregation's enthusiastic Halleluiahs and Amens kept me going.

Pastor Abraham concludes the service
The Lord's Word was joyfully received, and my spirit renewed.

Pastor Ravi, Pastor Abraham, Pastor Mark, and Pastor Ravi Shankar, were among a few of the ministers who attended.

Pastor Abraham concluded the service.

That night, we were invited to Pastor Saarthi's home for dinner.

Sis. Saarthi and the other womenfolk had laid out a grand feast and after dinner we had a sing song with all the kids of the household on the porch.

At Pastor Saarthi's home
We were tired out and jubilant, after all the spiritual and natural feasting, and went to bed fulfilled.

Pastor Daniel Saarthi
Pastor RaviShankar prays for the service

The next day's service was initiated by Pastor Ravi Shankar. 

After a brief note of edification, Pastor Saarthi handed the pulpit over to me.

My subject was "The Genealogy of Seth and Cain - the message behind the lineage."

I could see the eager faces grasp the revelation of the Word and tried my best to break down the message and simplify it as best I could.

Pastor Mark concluded the service.

Pastor Mark concludes the service

Bro. Sukumar invited us over to his place for the evening meal. We met his family and heard the remarkable testimony of their conversion to Christianity. The family had been one of the prominent practicing magician families in the area, serving the resident Hindu deities with immense reverence and devotion. Bro. Sukumar and his mother recalled the earlier days of their conversion, their entrance and growth in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, and witnessed their current stand.

With Bro. Sukumar's family at his home
It was a joy to meet them all and see their devotion to Christ and His Word. 


My message for that Sunday's Service focused on 'The Close of the Ages'.

I took the congregation into the future reiterating teachings on the Rapture of the Bride, the Battle of Ezekiel, the Great Tribulation, the Ministry of Moses and Elijah, Grace to the Jews, and the 1000 Year Millennial Age.

I went over some of the natural and spiritual signs of the times, and showed the congregation video clips on how the worship of Satan had been brought into the public in recent years, how men had lost their sense of morality and cast aside the righteousness of God to satisfy their own lusts, and how Christianity had become more of an entertainment channel than a means of saving souls.

I also went over the 7 visions of Bro. Branham and how most of them had been fulfilled. 

Pastor Saarthi gave me ample time to preach that Sunday, the service continuing up till 3:00 pm with just a short tea break in between.

By the end of the service, I had lost my voice, and it was good that I didn't have to preach the next day. :-)

Sis. Benita sang a new Tamil Christian song, 'Thunai Nee Re' (You, my companion) at the close of the meeting.

Many came forward to express their joy and delight at the Word preached.

Special song by church youth

With and Bro. John, Pastor Saarthi, and Bro. Sukumar's family.
 Our train to Coimbatore was set to leave Ambur station that afternoon, so we had vacated our room that morning itself. After a quick lunch we left in Pastor Saarthi's car, with Bro. Solomon at the wheel to the teary goodbyes of the innocent village folk, (Gudi style).

We left Ambur station with a smiling 'God Speed' from Pastor Saarthi and his son, and were in Coimbatore late that night.

Do pray for Pastor Daniel and Sis. Saarthi, for the earnest work that they do among God's children in Gudiyattam, for Pastor's children who are currently focused on their respective careers in CMC Hospital, Vellore, and for the congregation, that it may grow and blossom, and produce 100 fold fruit before the coming of our Lord.

Left to right: Myself, Pastor Saarthi, Bro. Solomon, Sis. Saarthi, Sis. Blessy, Sis. Benita

Thondamuthur Pastors Conference
20th October, 2015

I received a call from Pastor Samuel of Zion Assembly Thondamuthur with regard to a pastors gathering he had spoken of at our last meeting together. He informed me that around 30 pastors had agreed to come together to hear RLMs message of warning for the shepherds of this last age.

I had been in prayer for this intention for some time, and about a week before Pastor Samuel called me, I had a dream in which I was preaching to a huge crowd inside an old cinema theater. At the end of my message many people are touched but get up and leave, and there are a few people left who say, "Pastor, we believe this message is true. We will stay with you."

Now I believe, that if the message that we carry, especially warning messages regarding the coming wrath of God, and the close of the ages, are accepted by the shepherds, they will ultimately lead their sheep the right way or face the judgment of God. What I understood was that the multitude that I had been speaking to in the dream, was not necessarily a crowd of people come to hear me preach, but all those who could have been impacted by the message I carried to the pastors and preachers who had agreed to come to the conference that day. And only a few stay back in agreement.

This interpretation of mine was further confirmed when I heard from Pastor Samuel, that the meeting venue was to be the verandah of an old cinema theater in one of the main areas in Thondamuthur. The theater owner had come to know Christ and had stopped showing films there. Instead he was ready to start renting it out for Christian conventions and other such occasions.

The meeting had been set for 10:00 am that morning. I and my wife, Sis. Benita made our way there by 9:45 am and got our projector ready.

We had a time of worship and prayer before Pastor Samuel introduced me to the small gathering of ministers, and I began the message.

I started off explaining the pagan origins of certain christian traditions, took them back through christian history, explained the origins of sun worship, mother and child worship, and other customs that had been integrated into traditional christianity over the years. I expounded on Mystery Babylon from Revelation 13 and 17, the goal of the WCC, the Ecumenical movement, how and when it began, and its current global agenda.

I ran through the signs of the times, end time prophecies, and how important it was as ministers to instill in the heart of the common believer, the awareness of the times we were living in and the importance of sanctification before the coming of the Lord.


I could feel the flow of the Holy Spirit as I spoke. Mine was an earnest appeal to the simple preacher souls within them to rise up and put on an awareness of the deceptiveness of the current age - the age of the pale horse, where anything goes in lifestyle as well as religion, and true christianity was slowly disappearing, being sold for a sum under the towering specter of One World Government.

I showed the ministers video clips of some of the world events that had recently taken place in fulfillment of Holy Scripture. I also displayed videos of false missions and teachers and how they were deceiving innocent souls today.

What I preached that day was not new, but it was new to the minds of the men sitting before me wondering just how they were going to carry this message into their churches and to their people.

At the end of the service, Pastor Samuel, after a prayer of thanks, invited all the attendees to lunch at a nearby hotel. 


We had a short biblical discussion during lunch and took leave of each other.

It was a month before I heard from Pastor Samuel again. He told me that many of the ministers who had attended had been blessed by the meeting, many had said that the conference had been an eye-opener for them, and others had also voiced questions that they needed answers to. He informed me that he was planning for another such gathering in the month of December.

I readily agreed, and we did have a second Pastor's Conference in the same venue, with many other ministers being invited. We had a question answer round as well, and many preachers came forward with their doubts and questions which I did my best to explain according to the leading of the Lord.

I thank the Lord for the opportunity to testify and expound these subjects to those who had attended. Many of them are indeed sincerely serving the Lord in their lot, and I do believe that if 20 out of those 30 pastors have heard the warning of the Lord, and carry this message to their congregations of say, 250 each, then we have an average of 5,000 souls who may have received the grace of this message. And I leave it all in the hands of my Lord.

Do continue praying for Pastor Samuel and for those who have been a witness to the warning of the Lord, that the Word may take root in their hearts, and bear fruit to the glory of God.

17th and 18th October, 2015

Bro. Gray Bharathi, from Tuticorin, who had earnestly been seeking the truth for a while, and who put on Christ in baptism in September of 2015, had the burden to share the Word, and the Lord's warning regarding the last days, with his family and the local church in his hometown.

He graciously arranged for me to speak at the Good Shepherd Lutheran church in Tuticorin, as a guest speaker, on the 18th of October, 2015.

I and my wife caught a night train to Tuticorin on the 16th, and arrived in the wee hours of the morning, just in time to watch the sleepy town rouse and the shopkeepers raise their shutters in the local bazaar.

Bro. Gray Bharathi was at the railway station to receive us. We downed steaming cups of chai at a nearby tea shop, and then made our way to his home in a rickshaw.

Tuticorin is a sea side town and port, and like most port towns, abounds in all varieties of sea food - fresh and dried. The houses we passed bore names like 'Snowhorse', and 'Sea-shell', which made my wife nostalgic with memories of her beloved Mumbai.

Bro. Gray's wife, Sis. Radhi welcomed us with a big smile and made us comfortable in the upstairs guest room. After a short rest, we came down to meet the rest of the family over breakfast. 

Bro. Gray lives in Tuticorin with his wife Radhi, daughter Prabhavathy, son Heisenberg Raja, and mother. His elder sister and her family live next door.

After breakfast, Bro. Gray invited his immediate family over for a short while of prayer and an introduction to my ministry, after which we retired to our room for some rest before lunch.

Lunch was rice, greens, and Sis. Radhi's fabulous fish gravy. 😊

Bro. Gray had invited a few relatives and friends over that evening for a cottage meeting, along with the Church Reverend and his wife.

That evening, the 17th, I spoke on the origins of pagan worship, their induction into Romic Christianity, and how the whole system of traditional Christian beliefs had been re-organized and ritualized to suit the order of the day.

I took the small gathering back to the days of Noah, Nimrod, and Constantine, and gave them a brief history lesson in early Christianity, immediately after the death of Christ.

I also spoke about the Signs of the Coming of the Son of Man.

After an early dinner and some quiet spiritual discussion, I and my wife retired to bed. 

The weather was oppressingly humid, but it rained a little that night, and the heat lifted off a bit. 

We were up early the next morning. 

Bro. Gray had built a prayer room right next to the guest room, opening up onto a large balcony where we soaked up the sun and the sea air.

We both declined breakfast as we normally do before meetings. 

It was a rainy day and we made it to the church just before a full out downpour. 

The morning session was to be held in the church building itself. I would be given a chance to preach after the Reverend's usual rendition, and form of service was done.

The message I had chosen for the message that morning, was Hebrews 4:12: "For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. " To my suprise, it was the very text that had been chosen for the church reading at the service. I preached on what the verses meant in terms of surrendering our lives to God, how the two-edged sword rent and scraped at the innards of the sacrifice, or an enemy at war, and how its aim was to have the subject lay bleeding and open. It was a type of the openness and absolute surrender that God expected from each and every believer in the kingdom of God - to lay our hearts rent and bleeding on the altar for the fire from heaven to come and consume, so that we may be acceptable before him.

The message was well received by all who attended.

After the morning service, there was a reprieve when I took the opportunity to meet the other members of the congregation, being introduced by Bro. Gray. The church had arranged a special meet that day, and there were many programs and activities lined up. So Bro. Gray suggested that we retire to his home and return in time for the second service at noon. 

We did just that. After a short rest and a time of prayer, I and my wife made it back to the church premises. 

Lunch was being served for all, and so we both sat down for a quick meal.

After lunch, the whole congregation, plus many others who had decided to join the second session, moved into a hall alongside the church building.

There were around 300 souls in attendance.

I preached regarding the fulfillment of End Time Prophecies, what the Lord meant when he cautioned in II Peter 3 regarding the 'elements melting with fervent heat', the Man of Sin being revealed, the Anti-Christ system, the Snare of the WCC, and The Compromising Christian.

I ended with a call to the congregation to turn back to the faith of their Apostolic Fathers, they who call themselves Lutherans, to turn back to the uncompromising principles that Luther swore by, and get to know more of the God of the Bible.

After the message, there was a prize distribution ceremony for the kids. The Reverend K. Jayasingh expressed his joy at the message and stated that he might invite me for a group meet on a larger scale sometime in the future. I also met the head master of the TELC school, who told me the Word had thrilled his heart.

With Bro. Gray Bharathi (left) and Reverend K. Jayasingh (right) 
Sis. Benita (left), with Sis. Radhi

One thing that overwhelmed me that day was a special wing dedicated to handicapped children that the church was overseeing there. It was heart warming to see them say the Lord’s Prayer in sign language with all the devotion and joy that the only the young can express so fully.

All in all it was a successful trip; and I and Sis Benita readied ourselves for the night journey back home to Coimbatore.

Do keep Bro. Gray Bharathi and his family in your prayers.

Pattinam Cottage Meeting

2nd October, 2015

Sis. Beulah, A friend of one of the sisters in our church invited us to her home in Pattinam, for a cottage meeting on the 2nd of October, 2015.

I had met this sister at an earlier cottage meeting at a teacher's circle near Goldman’s, Coimbatore.

She is a government teacher who lives in Pattinam with her husband, and son.

She had invited a few close friends for the gathering.

After a short while of worship, I went on to preach about the rise of the Ecumenical Movement in our times, about the 7 church ages, especially the Laodecian age, the Mark of the Beast, and the signs of the coming of the Son of Man.

The little gathering was ruffled with the preaching and honestly wanted to know more. Pastor Lawrence of a nearby church in Pattinam was also present and expressed the desire to have me preach to his congregation at a night fasting service in the future.

We left after dinner with the family.

Thondamuthur Church Meeting
30th August, 2015

True to His Word, Pastor Samuel invited me to preach in Zion Assembly, Thondamuthur to his 500 strong congregation at a special meeting on the 30th of August, 2015. He told me, “Preach whatever the Lord leads you to preach.” This warmed me, as I already had a strong message, which I felt would hurt some. However I felt the Lord’s Spirit sweep across that place and put the words that I would deliver into my mouth.

My message was about false prophets and teachers, and how the spirit of deception had slowly infiltrated the churches until people had been made so comfortable in their neglect and luke-warmness, that they remained unmoved and uninterested in seeking the truth of the Word today. Their traditions, rituals, church services, and rudiments were satisfying their self-righteousness, and lulling them into the slumber of the damned.

I exposed many imminent TV preachers of the day by examining the doctrines they taught, and laid the proof of their words before the eyes of the congregation. I spoke on the mystery of iniquity, the signs of the times, and finally on the Ark of the covenant.

Many in the congregation appeared stunned, many were touched. A sister from Erode came forward and invited me to minster at a youth conference there. A young man who had been passing by happened to hear the message over the loud speakers and stopped to attend the service. He testified as to how it had touched his heart.

Pastor Samuel invited us to his home for lunch. I along with a few members of our RLM congregation in attendance complied. Pastor Samuel shared a small testimony with us, of how he had been in search of a rental place to stay, and how suddenly, a man and his wife had showed up at the door of his earlier home and asked him if his name was Samuel. They told him they knew because the Lord had revealed it to them in a dream, and that they had also been told to offer him their home rent free for as long as he ministered at the church in Thondamuthur.

We bid the family goodbye after lunch. Pastor Samuel has told me that he will be in touch and would like to spread the Word to his co-workers and arrange for a pastors conference in the future. He has understood my vision in part – take the Word to the shepherds so that they may warn their sheep.

Do keep this intention in prayer.

Independence Day - 15th August, 2015
Fasting Prayer Service 

We do make it a practice to use every government holiday in our country and indeed every occassion of leave from work to arrange some sort of meeting either in church, a believer's home, or pubic premises.

On 15th August, 2015, on the occasion of India's 50th year of Indepence, when the whole country was celebrating half a cenury of freedom in green, white, and saffron, we jubilated at Damodar Center, Near Anna Statue, in the heart of Coimbatore City. 

It was a Fasting and Prayer service, for which we had invited a few close friends, the families of our church members, and folks who we had been ministering to in and around Ganapathy, in Coimbatore, and our brethren from associated churches in Tirupur. 

There was an Indepence day presentation by Sis. Uma and RLM Junior Shirley on 'Freedom from Bondage' - a spiritual twist on the idea of Independence.

RLMs Youth Group Offspring performed a praise dance to the strains of 'Awesome God' as well as LifeHouses's famous human skit "Everything" which tells the tale of man's fall from grace, and his struggle through various temptations in his journey back to the saviour, to the delight of the small audience.
Our God is an awesome God - Praise Dance

LifeHouse's "Everything"

A few sisters came forward with special songs and we had a wonderful time of praise and worship.

The message was about the Ark of God, its symbolism as the glory and power of Israel, the types and shadows of the sacrificial criteria mentined in the Old Testament, Christ - our passover Lamb, and the reason sinless blood had to be shed to redeem mankind.

I showed the congregation images of the recent Noah's Ark Discovery, and co-related Noah's Ark with the Ark of the covenant - both types of Christ. I also touched on the doctrine of the Original Sin, and ended with Ron Wyatt's Ark of the Covenant Discovery video.

Many new souls were touched and came forward for prayer. 

Rapid Fire Round with visiting college students

Following this meeting, we have begun regular public meetings every 3rd Saturday in the same premises.

Thondamuthur Fasting Prayer Service, 
July 2015

It was through my contact with various prayer cells in Coimbatore, that a sister who began attending our church in Senthamil nagar, arranged for a meeting at Thondamuthur, through Bro. Siva, the brother of one of the sisters in her prayer cell.

It was a fasting and prayer meeting, scheduled to begin at 10:00 am and last till 2pm at Bro. Siva’s home in Thondamuthur. Our troop arrived with our projector and managed to fill the small hall with all our audio and video paraphernalia.

It was the first time I met Pastor Samuel, the shepherd of Zion Assembly, Thondamuthur. There were also other fellow Christian workers present, besides Bro. Siva’s family, a few members of Zion Assembly, and the rest from our church. All in all, there were about 50 or so gathered.

We had a wonderful time of prayer and praise and worship, after which I was invited to speak. My message that day was on ‘Deceptive Powers - How even Satan could be disguised as an angel of light’. I also, as at any new gathering, reiterated the importance of being prepared for the coming of the Lord, the signs of the times, and end time prophecies coming into fulfillment. I emphasized that one of the signs of the soon coming of our Lord was also ‘the falling away’, and applied that verse to what we saw happening in churches and to ministers in our own country who were once considered lights of the gospel.

I also shared the testimony of my conversion and call to the ministry.

Pastor Samuel was immensely pleased and invited me to preach at their church some time after. He said he would be in touch shortly and contact me for any special meetings.

Bro. Siva and his family were wonderful hosts. They treated us to a delicious lunch, and we left warmed and filled.

Do pray for Bro. Siva and his family and for the people of Zion Assembly, Thondamuthur, mostly that they may be able to recognize the move of the Spirit at this time.

RLM Convention 2015: "Hidden Pearls"
6th to 8th May, 2015

RLM’s Convention 2015, “Hidden Pearls” was a turnaround success. ‘Turnaround’ on account of certain situations that occurred in the final stages of the meetings.

We had planned and announced the meetings on the 6th, 7th, and 8th of May at Coimbatore’s Corporation Hall in the heart of the city, with Bro. Richard L. S. Gan as the main speaker, who was supposed to arrive on the 3rd of May. Besides the main meetings, we had also arranged cottage meetings, and for him to speak at our church in Senthamil Nagar for the Sunday service.

The purpose behind the meetings was the release of Bro. Gan’s book, ‘ The Original Sin’ in Tamil, which was indeed a long awaited event, for which many of our brethren across the country had joined together to pray for, from November of last year, when Bro. Gan had visited Vellore, TN. (See earlier post Vellore Convention 7th to 9th November , 2014)

Things came to a stand still when the Indian Embassy in Singapore announced that as per the new government’s rules, no foreign preacher was permitted to enter the country with license to preach or propagate Christianity even at private gatherings. The authorities there produced a declaration for Bro. Gan to sign stating that he would not preach in India, and warned him that if found doing so, he would be held by the authorities in our country, fined, deported back to Singapore, and would never be allowed to enter India again on any pretext, even for a tour.

This was a great blow for us, on top of all the mounting tensions surrounding the book translation which I had undertaken, and due to which I had closeted myself from February of this year, cancelling every appointment to see it through. I then had to go through the motions of re-informing all the invitees regarding the change in plans. And for a while was stumped as to what to do about the meetings. “Should I go ahead with it? Should I cancel completely? What to do? What to do?”

Bro. Gan’s simple statement moved me. He said, “Let the Lord’s will be done.” Then advised me as to how God had a greater plan for me. He suggested that I go ahead, as many had painstakingly worked for the convention, some even giving up their jobs, and postponing other ventures to labour for the meetings during which they believed God would work a mighty work in our city.

It was during my discussion with other ministers who had been a supportive force during the initial planning stages for this convention, that I was even more encouraged to take the program forward. Since we had printed and distributed close to 2000 notices for the convention, we had to go about informing all the invitees regarding the change in plan. At the behest of my fellow ministers, I undertook to carry on with the meetings and present the hard truth of the hour to the hearers myself.

It is always a point of attraction to the hearer to hear a preacher from another land. But as the Lord said, “A prophet hath no honour in his own country.” And so it was that the expected crowd of at least 500 dwindled to about 250 with the change in speakers.

However, even though the authorities stopped a man of God from entering the country, they could in no wise stop the move of the Holy Spirit working from within. And God did indeed bless the Convention here, and accomplished a mighty work for all to see.

Pastor Shadrach K. Joseph

The three day convention was, as many have testified who sat through all the sessions for all the three days, “as if we were in heaven.” It was truly a heavenly experience.

What was miraculous was how a small bunch of like minded people could turn around a disappointing situation and make a success of it.

The meetings were divided into two sessions: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and 3:00 am to 6:00 pm with breaks for lunch and tea. An extra session for working people was arranged on the 6th from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm.

Visiting ministers included Pastor Daniel Saarthi from Gudiyattam who was accompanied by many brothers and sisters from the church there, Pastor Babu and his wife from Mumbai, Pastor Abraham and Pastor Jeyraj from Tirupur, and Pastor Logunathan from Udumalpet.

The audience was a mix of truth seekers from in and around Coimbatore.

The theme of the Convention was, as the name goes, “Hidden Pearls”, an exposition of the doctrines that the Lord had committed to the first apostles, which had been buried after 325 ADs Nicean council, covered with years of tradition, and hidden from sight to prevent the common Christian from grasping the last strands of light before the gross darkness that now covers the people of this generation swallows up Christianity completely.

Pastor Shadrach’s opening note was The Bondage of Traditional Christianity. 

Pastor Babu handled the afternoon session on the 6th, with a discourse on “The symbolism of the ‘garment’ through the books of the Bible." 

Other topics covered included The Marriage Supper of the Lamb, Uncovering the Veil, The LOGOS of God and its manifestations, The Truth about Baptism, The Godhead Explained, a discourse on Revelation chapters 13 and 17, an exposition on the Man of Sin being revealed, video clips and news related to The Coming New World Order and current day Ecumenism, and more. He ended with ‘The Call Out Of Babylon.’

The first day saw a crowd of 220 people.

The numbers went down on the 2nd day due to the declaration of the XII grade results and college admissions. The third day ushered in a decent crowd again. All who attended will surely testify of the anointing presence they experienced throughout. 


Many who came felt the fetters of their old world crumbling as they recognized God’s call for these last days and realized God’s demand for a Bride without the spot or wrinkle of denominationalism and tradition. 

Mostly all those we spoke to at the end of the convention responded that they were provoked into action, they would attend once again any future meetings held, they were ready to study God’s Word more, they were ready to answer God’s call but afraid, they needed prayer, they needed guidance, they were dissatisfied with their current spiritual condition and the religious systems of the day, yes, they were ready for revival. Praise God!

Pastor Daniel Saarthi led the people in prayer.

The worship was led by Pastor Shadrach with the introduction of a couple of RLMs new songs: “Karthar Yen Meipare” based on Psalms 23, "Oeerulle Aandavare", and the Tamil rendition of the Hindi song: ‘Uttaraa’ – "Ootrame Aaviye Ootrame". (Songs to be posted on youtube shortly)

The preaching sessions were interspersed with special numbers by the RLM Choir, Pastor Babu, Bro. Sukumar, Bro. Milton, the tiny tots from Gudiyattam, and Ganapathy Teacher’s Colony Deborah Prayer Cell.

Pastor Babu
Bro. Sukumar

Bro. Milton

Gudiyattam Church Children's Group
Teacher's Colony Deborah Prayer Cell Members

The music accompaniment was provided by Bro. Stephen, and Bro. Ebenezer (from Lord of Hosts Church) for the first day and Bro. Milton for the next two days.

Bro. Anthony brought a sense of order and discipline to the chaotic joy of the event.

The video-graphy was undertaken by RLMs own Junior Timothy.

The backdrop and flex was taken care of by Bro. Boaz and his team at Print Galaxy, Sivananda Colony.

At the very end, RLM honoured all the ministers who attended and all those who had helped organize the event with a special gift.



- Sis. Benita Joseph

RLM thanks all those who pitched in with your active help running around making arrangements for the care and accommodation for our guest attendees, for the pick ups and drops, for the kind words spoken at the appropriate moments of desperation, for shouldering the burden for new souls to enter the kingdom of God, for organizing the little known and little seen issues of the meeting, for rendering your hands and your pockets for the furthering of this prophetic awareness campaign, and for your invaluable prayer support without which these meetings would not have packed such a big PUNCH!. God Bless you all! Amen.

28th December, 2014 

Bro. Selvam is a dear brother in our assembly who came to the Lord in _. A grocer by trade, he owns three provision stores in the heart of Pollachi, near Coimbatore.

Hailing from a strong CSI background, Bro. Selvam who always received word from his town church in Tirunchedore, back home regarding their year-end meet, when the church youth got together to plan a convention and invite guest speakers to minister to the 200 strong congregation each year. This year, Bro. Selvam suggested my name, and as fate would have it, the lot fell to me, and I was invited to minister there on the 28th and 29th of December. 

It was a bit of a hodge-podge, me leaving at a the busiest time of year for my congregation, when they all usually pitch in to help with the church repairs and extension, and prepare for our New Year’s service. However, I felt the leading of the Lord, and found myself in Tiruchendore on the morning of the 28th with my trusty and long-time friend Bro. John in tow.

The young brothers organizing the event asked me to speak for two days, however, I had to decline, as that meant that I would not have enough time for prayer before our regular church New Year service, with the to and fro railway travel time required.

So I was booked to preach at the CSI church there on the 28th of December, 2014.

We had booked a night train to save time and arrived the next morning at around 5:30 am.

Our lodgings had been taken care of by the brethren in Tiruchendore. After the preliminary introductions, we were left to retire until the evening church service, i.e.: 6:00 pm.

I and Bro. John had a refreshing time of prayer, a hearty lunch, and some much needed rest before we got dressed for the service.

The streets and churches of Tiruchendore were decked up with lights, like gleaming garlands, lights...lights everywhere, hanging from the branches of trees, and from the window shades of church buildings, end to end, and wall to wall, in the spirit of the Christmas season. It was like entering a chandelier show room.

The decorations were lavish and every christian home was lit up and garishly bedecked.

The message I was to preach came to me as I walked down those streets.

I had initially planned to preach on the Signs of the Coming of Christ. But the Lord was filling my mind with new thoughts.

The Reverend received us warmly.

After the worship session, I was called to the dias.

I began with an introduction of my ministry, then went on to explain what prophetic awareness was, the importance of the Book of Revelation, the soon coming of Christ, the state of Modern Christianity, and the futility of traditional church beliefs. As usual I expounded on the difference between traditonal and spiritual Christianity, and listed the prophecies that had been fulfilled till date, those that still were to be, etc; but my emphasis that day was on the Holy Spirit's warning to the Laodecian church from Revelation 3:17.It was a clarion call to the church in Tiruchendore to awake and put on Christ.


"Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked..."

The congregation received the message well, and many were thoughtful of what they had heard.

I was given a chance to sing, and I decided to sing one of the songs from my album: Aadhi Akini - The Beginning Fire. The song was 'Ezhpudhal Akini' (Revival Fire)

I pray that the fire of God touches those truth seeking souls in that church in Tiruchendore, and that the little flame that I lit there, may burn in their hearts and cause them to seek God's Word.

I and Bro. John were supposed to leave that night by bus, but due to a transport strike, were detained until the next day.

The young brothers there thanked us profusely, and we bid Goodbye to Tiruchendore.

Do pray for Bro. Selvam, that the Lord may bless Him mightily, and lead him into a deeper spiritual walk. He, along with his brother Pandiyan, and sister Bella, have been baptized. He has two other sisters, Stella, married, residing in Chennai, and Prisicilla who lives with the rest of the siblings in Pollachi.

Jeeva Vaasal Church Meeting, 
Ramnathapuram, Coimbatore,
2nd Dec., 2014

I was invited to preach at 'Jeeva Vasaal' church in Ramnathapuram, Coimbatore, on the 2nd of December, 2014 by Pastor PCS Babu.

Sis. Lata, in whose home we have a fortnightly prophetic awareness gathering, and who was also a member at that church told him about my ministry. Pastor Babu, originally form Ooty, and hailing from a Catholic background, leads an independent group of believers in Coimbatore.

When we first met, he told me that he had been seeking the Lord’s will regarding inviting me to his church to preach, and that the Lord had revealed certain things to him. While in prayer after our discussion, the Lord gave Pastor Babu a word of prophecy about my ministry. He said, "The Lord tells me that you have a special ministry, and that he has put His sword into your hands. Many shall come against you, to try to pull you down, but they shall not prevail"

The church conducts four services in a day for its 300 odd congregation. The first service begins at 6:00 am, the second at 11:00 am, the third at 2:00 pm, followed by a youth service at 4:30 pm. I was invited to speak at all the 4 services, but attended only 3 as I had to finish with my morning church service at Senthamil Nagar first.

I arrived in time for the 11:00 am service and was heartened to hear the scores of testimonies about the good hand of the Lord in the people’s lives.

During the noon service, I showed the people a presentation on signs of the times and highlighted the prophecies which have already come to fulfilment, and some of those yet to be fulfilled. I delved a little deeper, renounced the false prophets of the age, explained the difference between traditional and genuine spiritual Christianity, preached on the fall of Babel and the resulting mix of religious rituals, highlighted the Babylonish rituals employed by pagan Christianity today, expounded on the falling away and the man of sin, and warned the congregation of the dangers of mixed truths.

The youth service was richly blessed. I shared my life testimony – of how the Lord touched me when I was a rebellious teenager, and how he had changed my life and raised me up for his service. I encouraged the youth to seek the will of God for their lives and be careful to preserve their Christian heritage and testimony in the face of the world’s evil.

I preached about the fall of Lucifer, and presented them evidence on how everything in the world – fame, ambition, fashion, music, movies, and all other forms of entertainment stemmed from the god of this world – Satan. I touched on the Illuminati and Freemasonry being the two wings of Satanism, and how the devil has kept the world society, especially the youth in bondage today by subliminally and unconsciously attacking their minds and hearts. The young congregation testified to understanding a great deal through the message.

Later on before conducting Rhema Life Ministry's convention 'Hidden Pearls' in Coimbatore, I went to Pastor Babu once again to extend an invitation to him and his congregation for the meetings. At that time he prophesied again saying, "The Lord has chosen you to glorify His Name among the people, and your efforts shall not go in vain."

I pray that through the prophecies and discernment, that the Lord gave Pastor PCS Babu regarding my ministry, he may be able to lead his flock into a deeper knowledge of the Word, that they may seek the truth of the age and find it, and be prepared to face the onslaught of Ecumenism when it comes against them.

Church Meeting, Kovaipudur, Coimbatore,
November 2014
I was invited by Pastor Jeyaraj to minister at his church in Kovaipudur, Coimbatore in November of 2014. I went to meet with this pastor a day before the meeting and it seemed we had an instant connection. I did indeed feel that the Lord would provide a profitable word of edification for his congregation and agreed to minister there.

The day I was called was a day of fasting and prayer for the little assembly, and only a few members showed up. However, the Lord's presence was tangible and blessed all those who heard.

I shared a simple message on the symbols of the Holy Spirit - how the Holy Spirit has different parallels in the Word such as oil, fire, the dove, etc. I shared how Calvary could make no difference to a man, no matter how religious he was, unless the Father drew him and revealed to him the purpose of His Son' sacrifice, that it is this redeeming knowledge that works a change in people's lives, and leads them into perfection, and not just head knowledge of the Word.

Pastor Jeyaraj also asked me to pray for the ministerial hindrances that lay in his path.

I pray that God may give me yet another chance to minster to the people there and show them the deeper things of God.

Pastor Jeyaraj lives in Kovaipudur with his wife and sons Ratankumar, and Shanthakumar.

Note: One of the main intentions that Pastor Jeyaraj had asked me to pray for, was for the room he was renting as premises for his church service, as he was finding it hard to pay the rent. Six months later he called to tell me, that when the owner came over to ask for the rent, there was a change in his heart, and he had agreed to give him the premises free of cost, to conduct prayer as he long as he wanted.

Praise God. We serve a wonder working God. 

Vellore Convention, 7th to 9th November , 2014

Bro. Richard L.S. Gan was invited to preach from the 7th to the 9th of November, 2014 at Pallikonda, Tamil Nadu. It was a pleasure to meet and fellowship with him once again, after many a year.

The convention was arranged by Bro. Somu Solomon of Bangalore, India. His co-workers in the faith, Bro. Dayalan, Bro. Ravi Matthew, Bro. Ravi Shankar Samuel, Bro. Sivakumar, and Bro. Shadrach Jairaman assisted him in organizing the event.


The convention was held in the great hall of Holy Angels Matriculation Higher Secondary School at Pallikonda, around 20 kms. from Vellore town in Tamil Nadu, India. 

There were around 250 people in attendance, including ministers from Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Gudiyattam, Hosur, Mumbai, Pattu, Tirupur, and Udumalpet.

I was given the opportunity to interpret the message into Tamil.

The convention saw a gathering of many of those who had been groomed in and strengthened by the ministry of Bro. M.R. Samuel of Pattu. Bro. M.R. Samuel was one of the first to invite Bro. Gan to South India sometime in the 1980s. After Bro. Samuel's passing, the church in Pattu expanded through the surrounding villages and towns until there grew to be around 8 churches in the vicinity. The pastors of these churches, along with some of their flock all agreed to get together to feast on the Word of the Lord for the 3 day convention.

I traveled to Vellore with my family, Bro. John, and Bro. Selvam from our church in Coimbatore for the meetings. We reached Katpady railway station and drove the 7 kms to our accommodation at Vellore on the 6th. 

Bro. Gan was put up at the AVM Grand in Vellore. We had found lodgings close by so that we could visit with him. That evening we met at his hotel room and spent some time reminiscing, catching up on all the news from Singapore, and sharing some good fellowship.

The meetings were divided into two sessions, with breaks for tea and lunch provided at the venue. The morning service began at 10:30 am and lasted until 1:30 pm. The second service began at 2:30 pm and wound up by 5:00 pm. There was a Pastor's Conference with a question and answer session on the evening of the 7th and 8th of November from 6:00 to 8:30 pm. Guest lodgings were provided by Bro. Somu at SVS lodge Pallikonda.


On the 7th, Friday, Bro. Gan preached on the mighty angel of Revelation 10, the sealed scroll opened up by the Lamb in Revelation being the redemption of the claim to the earth; saving, healing, and rapturing faith, the 7 thunders, and the restoration story of Abraham and Sarah.


Saturday, the 8th, saw Bro. Gan expounding on the three books of testimony being the stars, the stones, and the written Word: the Bible; and the significance of the ministry of Moses and Joshua. He also spoke on having a personal relationship with the saviour, and took the congregation through studies on prophecy in the book of Job.

Most of the believers left Pallikonda on the 8th to attend Sunday service in their respective churches. However, the believers of 3 churches in Gudiyattam came together for the Sunday service on the 9th, when Bro. Gan elaborated on Enoch's Pyramid and how its blueprint reflected the story of creation and redemption. He also preached on the Holy City New Jerusalem not being a literal city but the spiritual body of the living saints of God. Bro. Gan further expounded on the creation of Adam and Eve, the mark of Cain, and the glorified state of man.

The Pastor's gathering held during the evenings of the first two days of the convention was an effort to dispel the doubts regarding Bro. Gan not being against the Elijah ministry, but rather being of the view to encourage believers in the body of Christ to grasp the manna that God has provided for the current times. 

It was an effort to help ministers understand that the foundational truths which had been revealed and established through the Elijah ministry had to be built upon and used, to go on from glory to glory; that the work of the prophet messenger was to point the Bride back to the Word of God, and that once back to the Word, the Bride would have to climb upwards seeking new heights of revelation until the final consummation with her Lord.

Other subjects discussed include the work of the Five Fold Ministry, the surety of a minister's calling, and an explanation of the sequence of the final events before the coming of Christ. Bro. Gan also shared the testimonies of Bro. John Mark, and Bro. Blessing Nice, men of God labouring in Africa, as an encouragement to ministers struggling against hindrances in their own ministry.

Ministers in attendance include Pastors Abraham, Alex, Bhoji Chandran, C.K. Eliezer, Enoch, Hubert D'Souza, Israel, Johnson, Joseph, Shadrach Jairaman, Jairaman, Kripakaran, Leo, Logunathan, Philip Bhaskar, Ravi Matthew, Ravi Shankar Samuel, Daniel Saarathi, Samuel, Satishkumar, Sivakumar, Shekarkumar, Timothy, Vijaykumar, and Wilson. Other brothers who attended include Bro. Lawrence from Coimbatore, Bro. Russell from Mumbai, and Bro. Sukumar from Gudiyattam.

Pastor Shadrach Jairaman was hospitalized on the second day of the Convention due to a sudden illness. We are in prayer for his speedy recovery.

The 3 day convention was an achievement of sorts, for the fruit of Bro. M.R. Samuel's ministry was blessed in the hearing of some of the sound truths that had touched his heart all those years ago.

The 10th was a day of much needed rest after the meetings, with Bro. Gan having to prepare for his flight to Singapore from Chennai on the 11th of November. Bro. Somu and Bro. Sivakumar both bid goodbye to Bro. Gan on the 10th for their respective engagements in Bangalore. Bro. Ravi, Bro. Dayalan, and Bro. Saarathi visited with him on the eve of his departure.

The brothers had arranged a vehicle for the commute from Vellore to Chennai, and I and Sis. Benita accompanied Bro. Gan to the airport and saw him off.

We hope to see him in India again next year.

Mini Convention July 7th and 8th, 2014

The members of Rhema Life Ministry Cbe and Trichy got together once again for a spiritual fest on the 7th and 8th of July, 2014.

There were two sessions each day with meals provided.

The worship was conducted by RLM Choir with music by Music Maestro Mr. Soundarvel*

From left: Sis. Nancy, Sis. Benita, Bro. Raison
With Soundarvel Sir
'Ullagor Unnai Pagaithalum'
Pastor Abraham from Tirpur joined us for the 7th morning service.

Pastor Abraham

There were many new souls in attendance, some of whom were new to the message of the hour.

The purpose of the meetings was to instill the awareness of the soon coming of Christ. The messages covered such topics as the Godhead, the true baptism, the apostolic doctrine and how it had been adulterated over the years, as well as the Ecumenical movement of today and its impact on independent churches and ministries.

The Sunday service carried a special message of Church order and discipline, which was especially beneficial to those who had been newly baptized, and those who were contemplating baptism.

We had a communion service on the evening of the 7th.

Many committed their lives to the Lord. A few decided on baptism.

We bid goodbye to the saints from Trichy the next morning.

The experience was as spiritually fulfilling to the young in faith as it was to the old members.

Do pray that all who have been forewarned of the coming onslaught of Ecumenism and the speedy growth of the One World Church may open their eyes to see the truth of God in this age.

*Our beloved Music Master Soundarvel who had been a practicing guitarist and keyboardist for nearly 40 years, passed away on the 13th of July, this year as a result of a heart attack. He set the music for our convention songs ‘Ulagor Unnai Pagaithalum’ (“Even if the world hates you’) and ‘Utrame Aaviye Utrame’ (the Tamil version of the Marathi song ‘Uttar Aa’ translated by RLM). His death came as a great shock to us all. He is sorely missed and will always be remembered fondly by all the members of Rhema Life Ministry.

Bro. Andrew Phiri's visit to India - 
26th to 30th Dec. 2013

Bro. Andrew Phiri pastors a church in Lusaka, Zambia where he lives with his wife Norah and son Joshua aged 4. Bro. Phiri, besides being a professor of a University, travels across Africa spreading the truth of God and exhorting the Bride. 

He arrived in the nation's capital in the 2nd week of December, and after his meetings in New Delhi and Mumbai, flew to Coimbatore on the 25th. This was his first trip to India. We had expected him for at least a week, but due to time constraints we had to make the most of our limited time with him. However those few days he was with us, we were well filled with the Word and feasted on the bounty from our Father's table.

Bro. Phiri arrived in Coimbatore on the 25th of December at around 9 pm. We had finished up with our December 25th gospel meeting earlier in the day and were all quite bushed. We were scheduled to arrive at Pastor Senthil Abraham's church in Salem, TN, the next day. 

We left Coimbatore at around 6 am on the 26th for the 3 hour journey to Salem.

All those who came witnessed the Spirit of the Lord at work. 

A couple came forward and asked Bro. Phiri to dedicate their child to the Lord.

After a hearty lunch at Pastor Senthil's home, we proceeded to Trichy, TN, at around 3:00 pm and managed to reach there about 8:00 pm, with some hilarious mishaps along the way. 

We were understandably dead tired when we reached Trichy, and Bro. John Kennedy made us more than comfortable in his home for the night.

The next day, the 27th, saw a mixed crowd of believers and denominationals gather in Rhema Life Church, Trichy.

The message was warmly received, and many hearts were touched.


We left Trichy that night by a sleeper train and arrived in Coimbatore the next morning at 5:00 am. Our meeting for the day was scheduled for that evening at 5:00 pm.

Dec. 28th's meeting at RS Puram, Coimbatore was quite fruitful. Bro. Jeevanandam, and OBC Pastor John Paul were in attendance.

The next day's Sunday morning service was wonderful.

Bro. Phiri's message was one of admonition and encouragement: edifying and soul touching.

We also had an evening service in RS Puram, Coimbatore on the 29th with around 45 people in attendance.

Bro. Phiri carried a simple but deep message to India - 'The Way of the Tree of Life'. The message uncovered certain truths in Genesis regarding the fall of man, the garden of Eden, the tree of Life, the ark of the covenant, and present day Israel. The emphasis was on the words 'the way' being lost in translation from the original, actually denoting the presence of God through Jesus Christ throughout the ages, having first appeared in Eden.

Bro. Andrew Phiri has won a special place in the hearts of the people of South India. May God bless him, his church, family, and ministry. Join me in prayer for the Lord to bless all his endeavours in this new year, and especially help him in the printing of spiritual literature which will be of great value to the Bride church in these last days.

His book Forbidden Theology is now available on amazon.com

To purchase this book click on the link below:

We hope to see him in India once again, for a longer stay the next time round.

(From Left: Sis.Hilda, Sis. Benita, Bro. Shadrach, Bro. Andrew Phiri, Sis. Baby, Sis. Shiny)

Dec. 25th, 2013 - Gospel Meeting

We had been planning a gospel meeting in RS Puram for some time. A school teacher from our church, expressed the desire to arrange a gathering for her students to tell them about the love of Christ. Bro. Jeevanandam too, an advocate now serving Christ in Coimbatore and Bangalore, who owns the worship hall in RS Puram, came forward and urged his church folk to attend. We had a joint service with our church members.

Sis. Benita shared about her near death experience and the Lord's mercy in her life. (Read her testimony God in the Darkness)

The message centered around the love of Christ for sinners, choosing between Barabbas (the world system of today) and the pure unadulterated Word of God, and the five wounds of Christ and their significance.

I had already put the Christmas - Nimrod birthday myth to question during our subsequent Bible Study sessions, and it was a chance for me to reiterate that it was not the day that held meaning but the birth, death, and resurrection of Christ, and how that impacts our lives today.

The youth who attended were full of questions, and rejoiced at the message of salvation. All who attended were blessed.

Youth Cottage Meeting, Peelamedu, CBE -
 Jan 2013

A sister who attends our church arranged for a youth cottage meeting in her mother’s home in Peelamedu, Coimbatore. This sister is a school teacher and has been sharing with her students about Jesus Christ for the past eight years.


The youth meeting was held on the 26th of January from 10 am to 1 pm at Peelamedu. Around 35 students attended. The message was about the love of Jesus Christ and how it can save us from youthful lust and sin. The students all listened avidly and many of them were pricked inwardly. Almost all came forward for prayer afterward.


Prayer requests ranged from family issues, illnesses, to petitions for a church in their neighbourhood, and grace to know more about the Word of God.

Do join me in prayer for all these young souls come to the knowledge of the truth and dedicate their lives to Christ.

Pattanampudur Convention 2009-10

The members of Rhema Life Ministry, both in Coimbatore and Trichy got together for a spirit-filled Convention from the 30th of Dec., 2009 to the 1st of Jan, 2010.

The venue for the meet was UCM Missionary Training Center situated in Patnampudur, a developing area near Ondipudur, Cbe.

Here amidst the lush and pleasant green of fruitful chickoo groves interspersed with towering coconut palms we settled in for a time of rest and spiritual renewal.

We had arranged a van for the pick-up and drop at common meeting points for all who attended.

The retreat center had around 6 sharing rooms and a dormitory with common washrooms, a great hall, a dining area, and expansive grounds and lawns.

We had three sessions each day with tea and meals provided by the center. 

The Morning Devotion services were handled by Elder Vally and Elder Thomas.

The late morning sessions were messages of admonition for the church and the evenings held primarily Bible study sessions by Pastor Shadrach. 


Pastor P.T. John from Udumalpett joined us on the 31st of December.

The subjects covered were the spirit of prophecy in the church and the believer’s commission, the Bride Ministry, the latter rain, the 7 feasts of Israel and their spiritual parallels for our times, sanctification from the world, love without hypocrisy, The Melchizedek priesthood, and a study on gifts of the spirit.

We released our audio album ‘Aadhi Akini' – The beginning Fire on the 30th of December after dedicating it for the glory of the Lord.

Go to : Album Release: Aadhi Akini Dec. 2009

We had an anointing service on the morning of the 31st when a few brothers were anointed for the service of the Lord and prayed over.

We had a communion service on the evening of Dec. 31st and a campfire singing to usher in the New Year that night.

During the final service on the 31st, there was a Word of Prophecy from the Lord.

"Thus saith the Lord, I who have called you have given you power over all power of the enemy. You shall tread on the lion and adder. You shall cast down the works of the devil.

He who endures until the end shall be saved. But I say to you now, more than half of you who sit here today shall not be here in the future. Many shall leave and betray.

But I say to you who remain, Stand strong for the day of the Lord is at hand." 

This word was fulfilled in the year 2011. 

We had a baptism service on the 1st of Jan. for Sis. Mary who dedicated her life to the Lord in the New Year 2010.

It was a time of refreshment for our bodies and minds wearied with the hectic tenacity of our daily routines – a time away from the hustle and bustle of our offices, schools, colleges, and housework – a time of bonding with our brothers and sisters, sharing our love for the Lord, discussing and reveling in the Word, and spending lighter moments in the calm of nature.

After our New Year service and a hearty lunch we left the convention center with a song in our hearts, well rested, and spiritually wired.

James Veremu's visit to India
29th Mar. to 1st Apr. 2009.

Bro. James Veremu is a humble, down-to-earth, and beloved minster of the faith serving the Lord in Zimbabwe, Africa. 

Bro. Veremu has made around 3 - 4 trips to India. His most memorable visits to us were in the years 2009 and 2012.


Bro. Veremu arrived in Coimbatore on the 28th of March, 2009.
His message that Sunday, the 29th, was about ‘Obedience through the Love of God’.

The service was split into two sessions.

We had another two sessions the next day, the 30th of March.

The Word preached was received with much reverence and rejoicing.

A visiting pastor had extended an invitation to Bro. Veremu to preach at a cottage prayer service in a believer's home in Udumalpett on the 31st of March.

On the evening of April 1st, we arranged a small cottage meeting in our home for the youth in our church. Bro. Veremu shared his testimony and admonished the youngsters regarding the evil of the times, and how they needed to dedicate their lives to the Lord to guard against the temptations of the day. His songs in the Zimbabweian tongue warmed our hearts.

The 2009 meetings were extremely successful in instilling the acknowledgement of the awesomeness of God’s love and its power to change the believer’s life if properly yielded to his care.


Bro. Veremu’s 2012 meetings were conducted at our church in Senthamil Nagar, as well as at the Tamil Nadu Hotel in Coimbatore town. He was with us throughout the latter part of March 2012.

The meetings weren’t well documented as my wife Sis. Benita was hospitalized at the time and remained in a critical condition, following the loss of my new born son.

(Read Sis. Benita's testimony: God in the Darkness)

However, the Lord used this brother to comfort our hearts at that trying time, and the Lord spoke through him to a number of new souls who later came to Christ.

Do pray for Bro. James Veremu, his ministry and church in Zimbabwe, his wife, and children, and for the economic situation in his country.

He is always welcome, especially in this part of the woods J

Convention 2008 – 12th to 15th Oct. 2008.

Bro. Richard L.S. Gan from Singapore had been to India a number of times. He was introduced in North India in 1994 at the Nasrapur Convention organized by Bro. Vally while in Faith Assembly Mumbai. 

I organized a convention with him as the main speaker in Coimbatore in 1995, when he expounded on the 10 virgins of Matthew 25 and the Five-fold ministry.

He has the calling of an Apostle and has been instrumental in establishing numerous churches in India and Africa. He also travels across South East Asia strengthening the churches in the Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, etc. He is the author of numerous books such as ‘Logos: The beginning of the creation of God’, 'The Holy City New Jerusalem', and 'It is Raining'. Many of the titles have been translated into different languages across the globe. All books are distributed free of cost. 

To order his books, send an email to: rlm@gmail.com

You can read about his ministry at http://www.propheticrevelation.com/startpage.html

Besides being a well loved minister of the faith, Bro. Gan is also a dear family friend. He has undergone much criticism in India for ‘thinking out of the box’ so to speak, for speaking out against denominationalism, and especially for his stand against Branhamism (fanactic idolization of the man of God: W. M. Branham)

There are many who have spread rumours stating that Bro. Gan says that he is the 8th messenger of the Church Ages, or that he is one of the 7 thunders mentioned in revelation. These rumours are assuredly false. There are others who accuse any who justify or support Bro. Gan, of receiving financial aid from him. For those who think along those lines, Bro. Gan is not a very rich man. He is supported strongly by the members of his church who have been greatly instrumental in providing the finance not only for the printing of his books, but also for the supply of clothes overseas and for the funding of his ministry trips.

Bro. Gan is a faithful minister who is carrying out the duty God has given him, just as we all are carrying out the commission God has given us.

Our last convention with Bro. Gan was from the 12th to the 15th of October, 2008. 

Bro. Gan arrived in Coimbatore on the 11th. Our Sunday service on the 12th was split up into two sessions. Bro. Gan preached a message on ‘the stones of fire’ and the parallel for this in the Hebrew tongue being ‘angels’. It was a unique message.

The next day, the 13th, we traveled to Sulur, some 20 kms from Coimbatore to the home of a brother there, who had arranged a small meeting on his house terrace. We had some rainy weather that day and there were also power cuts in the area which cast a damper on the meeting. However, the Word was well received.

The 14th saw another meeting at our church.

On the 15th, we arranged a cottage meeting at our place where Bro. Gan gave a message for the youth in our church, shared with us his ministry experiences, and showed us his ministry trip photos and videos with the help of his projector.

It was encouraging to see many brethren of like faith across the world, the way they worshipped, and how they lived.

We bid goodbye to Bro. Gan on the 16th of October. We hope to see him in India once more.

Do pray for his ministry, his congregation in Singapore, and his wife, children, and grandchildren.


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